Sold out her boring Toyota and bought a Chevy Silverado with those UFA bucks

Annisa Ahmadi sold her boring Toyota after completing 30, 000 kilometers on it. Annisa says that it is not a boon but a curse that the boring Toyotas last so long and it is uncomprehending to her that how Toyota has been emerging as the topmost selling car maker almost each and every year for over past 2 decades. Annisa says that Toyotas are only good for the taxis given the condition that the driver is not a driving enthusiast.

Annisa recently bought a Chevrolet Silverado with the money she won with applying for UFABet (ufabet สมัคร) and she is not ready to accept the belief that GM trucks are unreliable. Annisa says that she decided to buy a GM truck because she believes that GM trucks are extremely reliable and this is evident from the fact that the Mexican drug lords mostly drive these. Annisa says that she cannot imagine a scenario when a drug lord’s truck breaks down while getting chased by the cops. Annisa says that intelligent and sensible people do their own research while the idiots listen to the rookie, lying, deceiving or sponsored Youtubers.

Annisa warns against listening to Yoiutubers like the fake mechanic Scotty Kilmer as she claims that Scotty is paid by Toyota and Honda to promote their vehicles and to let down their rivals. Annisa believes that American and European cars are as reliable as their Japanese counterparts if not more.

Being a Muslim, Annisa has been debunking wrong beliefs and myths among the Muslims. Annisa recently made a wonderful video explaining why watching other play sports for entertainment is haram in Islam but playing the sports yourself is not. Annisa says that Islam puts a great emphasis on health and fitness and therefore playing and participating in sports is not only halal by Islamic point of view but a sunnah.

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