Account, super glue manufacturer, illiteracy hater and online gambler, meet Bunah Eilat

Bunah Eilat hates illiterate people who let their children also stay illiterate. She didn’t hate the illiteracy so much until she went for a vacation to Afghanistan.

According to Bunah – “All the evils of the human society have been stemming from the over-sexualization of the society. Bunah says that sex is merely for the procreation and anyone using it principally for recreation is living in hell. It takes the frontal lobe 21 days to start working well again. Sex is a tax to the body and particularly for the male body it is one of the most destructive thing ever known. It is a very well-known knowledge among the Thai karate circles that sex is extremely bad for health. Some of the wisest and most-disciplined people I have seen in my life hail from Thai Karate circles. Take Akshay Kumar (Real name Rajiv Bhatia), an Indian-Canadian Actor for example, he is extremely popular for his discipline, extreme work-outs and being a great family man all over the world. Another example from Bollywood is Tiger Shroff who doesn’t have any girlfriend and it is obvious that he doesn’t jack off each and every chance that he gets, he is the hottest sensation among the young and new bollywood actors. One more example is Francisco Javier Arellano Felix, one of the youngest brothers of Tijuana Cartel. This guy is in prison at the time. When he was in his late teens, his elder brother Ramon found out that he had been taking drugs so instead of sending him to a rehab, Ramon sent him to Thailand for martial arts training and the rest is history. After coming back, Francisco was a completely new man. He didn’t take any drugs anymore and enjoyed a well-disciplined life.”

Bunah is an accountant by profession and she owns a super glue manufacturing company.

Bunah is a fun-loving lady and doesn’t care at all about what others think of her. She has an Elmo picture as her profile picture and a Pokemon picture as her cover picture on Facebook. Though, what Bunah finds most fun is betting online, she loves to bet on Vera John casino and her favorite gambling related website is

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