Mercedes Bader loves chess and a good game of Dominoqq

Mercedes Bader is an Indonesian chess player who seldom loses a game, she has never lost a game to any of her friends or family members. Mercedes has never participated in a national level game but she is willing to next year, I hope that she comes up a winner in each and every round.

Mercedes hates both nice and bad guys and says that they both are fake and phony which makes her disgust them. The last guy that Mercedes was dating had a gynecomastia and he thought that he was so smart that he could hide it by wearing a vest. Once when they were about to make out for the very first time, Mercedes undressed herself fully but that guy didn’t, he was still wearing that vest and when Mercedes started to take out that vest off of his body, he refrained and that made Mercedes try with more force only to discover that the guy has ugly moobs beneath that vest. Mercedes hates guys with gyno and more than that she hates deceivers, she doesn’t even wear makeup because she doesn’t want to turn into a deceiver.

Mercedes kicked that guy’s ass immediately, got dressed and never saw him again. Mercedes blocked him everywhere, on the Facebook, Whatsapp, on her phone, Instagram, you name it.

Mercedes’s name is Mercedes but she has no enthusiasm for cars. Once a local Estonian chess game competition was gifting a brand new BMW X3 to the winner but Mercedes didn’t even participate because the car didn’t interest her at all.

Anyways, along with playing Chess, Mercedes loves to play online Dominoqq a lot. She is a member of several gambling websites and a regular reader of several different gambling blogs.

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