She owns her own boat, a nice luxurious house by the sea, she loves freedom

Jenna Jenkins used to feel so exhausted all the time until the day she discovered Hongkong pools. Since trying her luck with the Hongkong pools, Jenna is making a lavish living for herself winning crazy Hongkong prize money and she has fulfilled her dream of buying a speedboat of her own as well. She feels so energetic all the time nowadays. She has also developed a habit of reading and her favorite topic, of course is gambling, she knows the name of more gambling blogs than anyone else, she told me about pro edelstar which I have been reading avidly since the day I got to know about it.

Jenna blogs as a hobby, in her latest post, Jenna had something to say about the MGTOW movement, here is an excerpt from her post “But MGTOW as a concept, what do you think about it, what is good and bad? MGTOW isn’t a new creation, it is just a flashback to the past, in the past a lot of men used to do that for certain benefits, actually monks still do that as well.”

Here is an excerpt from Jenna’s blog post titled Security vs Freedom “Security is: If you fail, there’s X and Y to share the losses with you. If you succeed, there are still X and Y sharing with you. And maybe Z that you have never heard about as well. What I constantly say is: Freedom is: Nobody takes your responsibility, if you mess up, you take all the losses yourself. And no one shares with you, if you succeed, you take all the success for you.”

Jenna personally prefers freedom over security, she wants to be free like a bird, be responsible and get even richer. For her, a degree couldn’t have ever done this.

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