Personal Trainer inaugurated his own gym

Aditya Chauhan used to be a personal trainer at a popular gym in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Aditya comes from a well-off villager family in the most populous Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Aditya Chauhan’s one and only passion is bodybuilding, rest all comes after that. He loves working out, he can’t get enough of seeing his muscles in the mirror and he loves it even more when the girls give him a second look.

Aditya worked as a trainer in the same Jaipur gym for over 10 years. Although Aditya comes from a well-off family of Uttar Pradesh, it is a different culture there. His parents are rich, but they won’t give Aditya any money to start his own business.

Aditya now had a son and a daughter. It was very difficult for Aditya now to make a good living for himself and his family with this salary. He was getting paid only 35, 000 Indian Rupees per month, which is very low. He needed at least 350, 000 Indian Rupees per month for the sort of living he wanted to provide his family. He wanted his kids to go to the city’s topmost schools and he wanted to buy the most expensive clothes for his wife.

To ease his pain, Aditya also started drinking, he would drink each night to ease his pain now.

After drinking Aditya would go total nuts, he would start looking for crazy ideas to make crazy money on the internet. Once Aditya came across this bandar tembak ikan indonesia website. Aditya said to himself “This is the last thing that can make me the kind of money I really want.”

Aditya started betting with only US $75 and on the first night, he tripled the amount to $225. Aditya’s search was finally over. Within 68 days, Aditya earned enough money to start his own gym in a middle-class neighborhood in Jaipur.

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