Not a Protestant but a supporter of the Zionism and Poker Websites

Claire Tracy claims that there will be surplus water contrary to the popular belief created by the scientists that we will be left with no water soon enough. Claire says that the progeny of the same scientists will turn these seas’ water into drinking water and the land beneath these seas will be transformed into roadways, railways, houses, gardens and more.

Claire has authored several books and she used to be a great critic of the state of Israel until she met a Jewish family in Basel, Switzerland whose 85% of the members were all killed in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Claire says that she has never met people so open-minded and hard-working as this Jewish family, before.

In one of her books, Claire accused the Indian Kashmiri – Yasin Malik of being an American agent instead of being a Pakistani agent. Yasin has been arrested several times in the Indian occupied Kashmir for giving provoking speeches and stuff like that but Claire says that the Indian government can’t dare to confront the American government and the arrests of Yasin Malik are nothing but dramas to deflate the Indian and Pakistani civilians. Yasin Malik cannot speak English fluently but his third wife Mushaal Hussein Mullick can and she has been interviewed by the anchors and hosts of Al Jazeera and CBS several times. Claire says that there is no difference between the Al Jazeera and CBS, they both might seem to be against each other on the television but in reality they are owned and operated by one conglomerate.

Claire Tracy’s most favorite hobby is playing the game of poker online on one her favorite trusted Indonesian poker websites (Situs Poker Terpercaya), which she does almost every weekend.

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