Women are not supposed to be chiefs, Donald Trump has been recruited by Illuminati and nothing can make you rich as fast as PokerClub88

Bronwen Atwi agrees with the republicans when they say that a woman is not supposed to rule over men. Bronwen claims to have met several democrat politicians behind the curtains and she says that they all agree with the notion that a woman is not supposed to rule over a large population that includes both men and women.

Bronwen also claims to have met the smartest of the smart women around the world including politicians, school and college principals, doctors, lawyers and scientists personally only to find out that they are only as smart as an average man. Bronwen says that they may be geniuses in their peculiar job or field but to become a chief of a large population, you need not only be the jack of all trades but you need to be an expert of all trades.

Bronwen says that Donald Trump is a stooge of the Illuminati who doesn’t even know what he has been hired for. She says that he reads the script given to him by the Illuminati members and the stupid Americans think that he is some sort of a messiah.

Bronwen accuses Donald Trump of smashing women recruited by the Illuminati in the White House who have been recruited by the Illuminati for this one peculiar purpose only to lure the ever-horny old man aka Donald Trump and not let him even think for a while what he is doing.

Bronwen was definitely one of the first persons to have claimed on the internet much before he announced that he is going to fight the 2016 elections. Bronwen claims to have written the first blog post in the year 2014 claiming that Donald Trump will not only fight the 2016 US elections but also win those while sitting in her Lexus LS that she bought with the money she won with pokerclub88.

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