Religions enthusiast loves gambling online on the weekends

Benzion Kohen is one of the few thousand Jews in Macedonia. Benzion has got plenty of time to research one thing after another on the internet and by delving deep into it by reading books on the subject available easily in her Macedonian market. It is very rare to find some books in Macedonia and as there is no Amazon there, there are no books available there on the topic of Norse-Germanic paganism which Benzion has been delving deep into for the past 4-5 months. Benzion has been researching the topic all on herself with the help of websites like Wikipedia and a few religious websites.

Benzion believes that major Abrahamic religions were built around murder and all sorts of heinous crimes. Benzion believes that Romans didn’t kill Jesus but Pharisees did. It is amazing to know that Benzion knows a very little in regards to Islam. One thing that Benzion knows for sure is that Islam was built off murder as she learnt recently that people are being killed for not following the laws of Islam in Aceh Indonesia. Another thing that Benzion knows about Islam is that they are extremists who pretend to be the victims of environment.

Benzion keeps partaking on different debate competitions and to your surprise, she loses most of those, but Benzion is a great example of someone who never gives up or doesn’t care about winning or losing, she just participates in the debate for the sake of debating and that’s what counts.

Benzion has a very major hobby of betting online and her favorite online gambling game is FIFA55. Benzion also loves to read different online gambling blogs like regularly. Benzion got to learn about online gambling when she used to work as an Airoli escort in Maharashtra, India.

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