SEO Expert Husband and Toy Store Owner Wife Both Love to Bet on Sbobet Slots Every Weekend

Damien Grande is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Pattaya City, Thailand, whose SEO agency is perhaps the most popular SEO agency with the Muslims in the Pattaya City due to the fact that he uses a green logo on his official website and his office also has the green color all over it.

Damien Grande tried his luck with eBay selling in the past. He says that with the increasing sales on the Amazon and decreasing sales on the eBay, more eBay sellers than ever before have been turning into Amazon sellers than ever before and it is a pity, because Amazon is a very hard-knock place for the sellers.

Damien Grande loves watch pro-wrestling a lot. He recently started a podcast dedicated to the interviews of the people that are or were associated with the pro-wrestling. The first interview on his channel featured Vince Russo, one of the most popular pro-wrestling writers, responsible for kicking the attitude era in WWE.

After taking the interview of Vince Russo, Damien concluded that Vince Russo is just like Tai Lopez – “All Talk, No Action.” Hence, his interview with Vince Russo wasn’t a pleasurable one.

Damien Grande’s wife – Bella, owns a toy store in Phuket City. She is also a popular blogger just like Mr Damien Grande. Most of her blog posts are related to the toy industry.

Bella writes on her blog that the older toy stores have an advantage over newer stores like that of herself as the parents prefer to buy the toys for their kids from the same toy stores that they themselves used to.

Once Bella wrote that she is amazed that the Lego is still the topmost selling toy brand even though their sales has been seeing a downward slope for years now. She believes that some specific high-tech toy brand will soon takeover Lego’s legacy.

Both Mr and Miss Grande love to bet on a specific Sbobet Slot website each weekend and they say that it is the best time of their week.

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