Mashhad Author celebrates each book launch with Online Football Betting

Zhila Gul from Mashhad, Iran, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Visigoths.

Zhila didn’t have a big book launch event but she rather celebrated it with football betting using football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2).

In her book, Zhila writes that it is a false notion that the Visigoths mainly used to live in Dacia and an attack of Huns drove them to the southward across the Danube River. She claims in her book that the Huns never confronted the Visigoths in Dacia because the Visigoths never lived in Dacia, they have always lived across the Danube River since the ancient times.

Zhila writes in her book that the Visigoths were not a Germanic tribe but rather a backward Roman tribe that the Romans despised.

Zhila claims in her book that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams took the idea of putting the Bald Eagle as the National Bird of the USA inspired the by the Eagle Symbols of the Spanish Goths. She adds that it was a symbol by the founding fathers to let the Spanish and other Non-British people of the USA to know that the United States wasn’t a racist country and they cared and respected all the races.

Zhila claims that the idea of a small white eagle wasn’t that of Charles Thomson, he is wrongly credited for the same; The idea belonged to Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

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