Alborz Female Urologist needs those Football Betting Rials to pay her bills

Dr Kathryn Babayan from Alborz Province, Iran, is an Urologist, who practiced in the Kansas, USA for 5 years. While practicing in Kansas, Dr Kathryn Babayan observed that the villagers in USA have 1200% less chances of getting bladder prolapse compared to the people of USA from major cities.

Dr Kathryn Babayan writes on her blog that the triplets are most prone to getting Urinary Tract Infections, even more than the quadruplets and not to mention the twins or single babies.

Dr Kathryn Babayan writes on her blog that the Japanese twins born to either or both twin parents are most prone to having bladder cancer at some point of their lives.

Dr Kathryn Babayan writes on her blog that contrary to the popular belief that obesity doesn’t have much to do with the urological disorders and it is a pity that people don’t take this fact seriously.

Dr Kathryn writes that there are some rare urological disorders found among Half-German and Half-Indian adult men and women and even some children, many of which the field of Urology or any other medical doesn’t have a name for.

Dr Kathryn has many expensive hobbies and she claims that her urological practice is not enough to pay for it. She bets regularly on what is considered the best football betting website (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال) in Iran to pay her bills.

Dr Kathryn writes that staying hydrated only prevents UTIs temporarily, it is not a permanent solution and one ought to visit a nearby urologist as soon as they start having the symptoms of an UTI.

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