Every Indonesian Adult who never dealt with AsianBookie is a Rookie, claims Surabaya SEO expert

Munizar Syarifuddin from Surabaya, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that more intentional spammers have been acting out as clueless newbies than ever before in current times.

Munizar doesn’t agree with those who claim that the quality of schools teaching online marketing, SEO and web designing has improved in the past decade a lot on an average. He claims that some such schools have definitely improved a lot but if one is to take out the average of the expertise of such schools, the quality has literally gone down a lot on an average.

Munizar writes that out of the 4 most popular link building strategies, namely – Link Magnets, Link Baiting, Link Requests and Link Buying, he considers Link Magnet to be the best followed by Link Baiting and claims to have always been against Link Buying and Link Requests.

Munizar believes that most search engines have wrongly assumed more non-paid links as paid links than they have rightly identified paid links. He further says that the paid link sellers know how to fool the search engines but the ones who exchange link or do any other such genuine activity don’t really care and they became a victim of the search engine penalty for a crime that they never committed.

Munizar believes that you are a rookie to the whole search engine optimization thing and have heard horror stories about the SEO companies fooling their clients then it is the best policy to buy sponsored links on high metric citation, directory and similar sites with zero spam score.

Munizar also believes that you are a rookie to life if you are an adult Indonesian and never dealt with asianbookie.

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