Every Indonesian Adult who never dealt with AsianBookie is a Rookie, claims Surabaya SEO expert

Munizar Syarifuddin from Surabaya, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that more intentional spammers have been acting out as clueless newbies than ever before in current times. Munizar doesn’t… Read More

Alborz Female Urologist needs those Football Betting Rials to pay her bills

Dr Kathryn Babayan from Alborz Province, Iran, is an Urologist, who practiced in the Kansas, USA for 5 years. While practicing in Kansas, Dr Kathryn Babayan observed that the villagers in USA have 1200% less chances of getting… Read More

Mashhad Author celebrates each book launch with Online Football Betting

Zhila Gul from Mashhad, Iran, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Visigoths. Zhila didn’t have a big book launch event but she rather celebrated it with football betting using football prediction 2 (پیش… Read More

Orthopedist from West Jakarta multiplies his 10% income each month with Daftar Judi Poker

Dr Redi Hawari from West Jakarta, is an Orthopedist, who writes on his blog that an orthopedist needs to have a great presence of mind, he/she needs to be careful all the time. He adds that a patient… Read More

SEO Expert Husband and Toy Store Owner Wife Both Love to Bet on Sbobet Slots Every Weekend

Damien Grande is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Pattaya City, Thailand, whose SEO agency is perhaps the most popular SEO agency with the Muslims in the Pattaya City due to the fact that he uses a… Read More

Indonesian woman living in Turkey makes more money than most with online slots

Brandon Williams is a big booty lover. His wife is getting a music video butt done next week by the most expensive butt implant surgeon in Turkey. Brandon’s wife is sensual as a B-movie female star with the… Read More

Religions enthusiast loves gambling online on the weekends

Benzion Kohen is one of the few thousand Jews in Macedonia. Benzion has got plenty of time to research one thing after another on the internet and by delving deep into it by reading books on the subject… Read More

Women are not supposed to be chiefs, Donald Trump has been recruited by Illuminati and nothing can make you rich as fast as PokerClub88

Bronwen Atwi agrees with the republicans when they say that a woman is not supposed to rule over men. Bronwen claims to have met several democrat politicians behind the curtains and she says that they all agree with… Read More

A huge online gambling network owner – Melissa Fisher still drives a Fiat 500X

Melissa Fisher does everything possible that ensures her success in financial life, like she never had an idea that she can ever get involved in an online gambling business but she did and she did it better than… Read More

Gentleman from Darwin, Australia hopes to own 50 cars with hydraulics at a time with that online slot money

Axel Wilson likes everything to be classy and sophisticated. He only goes to the finest restaurants to eat, he is a member of the most expensive clubs of the plushest neighborhoods where only millionaires come, he wears the… Read More

Not a Protestant but a supporter of the Zionism and Poker Websites

Claire Tracy claims that there will be surplus water contrary to the popular belief created by the scientists that we will be left with no water soon enough. Claire says that the progeny of the same scientists will… Read More

Natty Deforest can be the next big thing with the help of Indonesian online betting

Natty Deforest is a businesswoman who recently interviewed the great-great-great grandson of the founder of the Singer corporation popular for its fantastic sewing machines. Natty was shocked to learn that both the founders Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward… Read More

Personal Trainer inaugurated his own gym

Aditya Chauhan used to be a personal trainer at a popular gym in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Aditya comes from a well-off villager family in the most populous Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Aditya Chauhan’s one… Read More

Mercedes Bader loves chess and a good game of Dominoqq

Mercedes Bader is an Indonesian chess player who seldom loses a game, she has never lost a game to any of her friends or family members. Mercedes has never participated in a national level game but she is… Read More

She owns her own boat, a nice luxurious house by the sea, she loves freedom

Jenna Jenkins used to feel so exhausted all the time until the day she discovered Hongkong pools. Since trying her luck with the Hongkong pools, Jenna is making a lavish living for herself winning crazy Hongkong prize money… Read More

Account, super glue manufacturer, illiteracy hater and online gambler, meet Bunah Eilat

Bunah Eilat hates illiterate people who let their children also stay illiterate. She didn’t hate the illiteracy so much until she went for a vacation to Afghanistan. According to Bunah – “All the evils of the human society have… Read More

Jewish Wife and Turkish Husband argued for weeks after winning that freebet terbaru

Bernice Hassan is a Jewish woman who was born in the city called Bursa in Turkey. Bernice fell in love with this one smart guy in her school whom we will call ‘Mustafa Hassan’ here. Mustafa Hassan never… Read More

Daughter of a canoe business giant promotes her website designing business in a sheer bikini

Bonita Pierre claims that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses are nothing but mythical figures. She says they were all without any exceptions nothing but imperfect and flawed imaginative creatures created by the priestly class of the Judaism… Read More

People of the coastal cities are more affluent and love poker more than their non-coastal counterparts

Lacey Couture is a French woman from Toulouse who claims that the Germany and Hungary had no concept of written history until lately. Lacey has always been obsessed with Indian mythologies and religion. Lacey claims that Australia used… Read More

Sold out her boring Toyota and bought a Chevy Silverado with those UFA bucks

Annisa Ahmadi sold her boring Toyota after completing 30, 000 kilometers on it. Annisa says that it is not a boon but a curse that the boring Toyotas last so long and it is uncomprehending to her that… Read More

Linda Zelenkova bought 20 different battery operated ride on cars for her son with the money she won with playing baccarat

Linda Zelenkova is not a daughter or wife of a chairman of the board of directors of a major company but last week she bought a company that manufactures batteries for scooters and motorcycles. Linda is not a… Read More

Starting a daycare school after winning tons of money with ItuQQ

Chananel Nebenzahel knows ten different languages, most of those are European languages. Chananel can’t stand people who talk about metaphysics a lot. Chananel keeps coming up with innovative business ideas to his friends and family. Recently, when each… Read More

Indian-American modeling agency owner hates India and loves gambling

Srilekha Volva claims that Ford are still the best cars, they are just the victims of the negative marketing by Japanese and Korean car companies, primarily Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. During the 2009 recession period, Srilekha lost almost… Read More

Car enthusiast hopes to have a car engine museum of her own with the winning money

Syeda Hyana is an auto blogger whose blog posts are as popular to the automobile enthusiasts as the Burger King to the foodies. Syeda Hyana says that financially well-off youngsters buy hot hatches whereas the financially backward youth… Read More

Accountant left her supervisor job to start her own women’s clothing factory, thanks to BettingParlour

Cheryl Jenson used to be an office supervisor at an accounting firm until she learnt about a website – www.bettingparlour.com. Cheryl was already tired of her low paying job and she knew that she was made for something… Read More

Summer Aubin discovered predictions of football when she was pregnant

Summer Aubin claims that superstitious people have lower IQ levels. Summer says that she knows several superstitious men and women and along with being superstitious, these men and women are extremely controlling as well. Summer says that these… Read More

Didn’t have the money to get the furniture repaired now she sips martini sitting in her own boat

Norma Black recently made a post with proofs on a forum that suicide is greater among the LGBT people and received tons of hate for it. Norma doesn’t care at all, she is sipping martini in her newly… Read More

Cecca drinks grape wine regularly, takes ashwagandha, supports feminism and makes a lot of money with her online gambling network

Cecca Manduca drinks grape wine before making love to her husband and her husband eats grapes before the same, they both claim that doing this increases the pleasure for both of them. Cecca and her husband are great… Read More

Jessica Safrankova preferred Hyundai and Kia when it came to shopping with the money that she won with bets

Jessica Safrankova says that buying expensive German cars is a folly committed mostly by the nouveau rich men and women. Jessica decided to buy three of the most expensive Hyundai and Kia cars instead with the money that… Read More

This fitness freak Indian family loves to bet on FIFA55 websites

Falguni Reagan is a nutritionist by profession. She is also trying her luck in fitness instruction but hasn’t been successful yet. Falguni’s sister – Jasmine is a weight-loss consultant with a great following on the Youtube. Jasmine also… Read More