Busan’s event planner is more popular for her conspiracy theories and online gambling advocacy than she is for the event planning

Adele Rahn is an event planner based in the city of Busan – the city where she was born and raised as well.

It has been about 2 years since Adele turned into a conspiracy theorist and a political analyst and has been writing about the same on her blog since about 2 years as well.

Adele travels a lot to unveil more conspiracies and recently she was in Pakistan where she didn’t notice many conspiracies but she noticed that there are very few Land Rovers in Pakistan and surprisingly enough, over half of those belong to Muftis also known as Molvis or politicians.

Adele claims that the media’s attacks on the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un are a part of the USA and its allied European countries’s containment of China policy. Adele says that they are going to indirectly and directly destroy the Chinese economy through North Korea and just because the North Korean Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un wasn’t ready for the same a while ago until it was made fully confirmed to him that they are going to attack North Korea if he doesn’t comply to their conditions.

Adele claims that North Korea has become a partial colony of the USA and its allies now and they are going to improve the economy of North Korea by a bit in exchange for the State of North Korea submitting in front of the USA and its allies whenever it comes to their trade policies and others. Adele claims that the Russia bluffed North Korea again this time like it has been doing for the past one decade and when North Korea really hoped that it will come to its rescue, it didn’t and North Korea cannot blame China as it was helpless.

Adele also claims that there has been a conspiracy going on against the online gambling world but Adele has been spreading awareness against this conspiracy and she has made thousands of people join 먹튀검증 alone.

Rheumatologist is disappointed with the medicine educational system, governments but amazed at the Korean Toto sites

Bretton Kog is a Rheumatologist who is very disappointed with the current medical education system. Bretton says that they should really change the definition of BS from Bachelor of Science to Bullshit because it has tons of flaws which are not being taken care of as they ought to be.

As a Rheumatologist, Bretton believes that there is a lot of fraud going on in the Rheumatology industry and one of the tips that Bretton always gives to his Arthritis patients and blog visitors is that they must consult another doctor if their current one is asking them that they will have to remove their joint entirely in order to relieve them from the Arthritis pain. Bretton claims that it is no more a requirement for anybody to go through a joint removal in case of Arthritis pain anymore.

Bretton is not just a Rheumatologist, he is a conspiracy theorist as well who has a special blog dedicated to the conspiracy theories and analysis. Bretton claims to have a lot of knowledge about the Eurasian steppe region and he claims to be well aware of all the major conspiracies that have been taking place in the region for the past few decades.

Bretton claims that the Russian Orthodox priests in Tajikistan have been working as agents of Russia since the 1993. Bretton claims that the Russian establishment has promised the Orthodox priests that they will help them convert at least one million people if they are able to transform Tajikistan into a part of Russia again and that will be the beginning of a new USSR. Bretton claims that they will rename Mount Garmo as Mount Christ in Tajikistan if they succeed in their efforts.

Bretton claims that the modern South Korean Toto sites (토토사이트) have been giving away their winners millions of dollars per year as a bonus as a part of conspiracy to get the common hard-working and intelligent people of South Korea addicted to gambling.

Successful Law firm owner gambles online whenever she is not in front of a judge

Malis Tum is a successful law firm owner and conspiracy theorist and analyst who claims that personal injury victims have made several big business shutdown in the USA. Malis even claims that the personal injury victims are no more victims in the United States of America but it is rather the opposite.

Malis is the only one on the internet to claim that they stoned a male dentist to death in Pakistan for checking female patients and the Pakistani media chose to bury this incident. When Malis was asked about how come she knows the same, she replied that she cannot unveil her source but it is a fact which is known to each and every local person of that particular neighborhood in Peshawar and the neighborhoods surrounding that neighborhood.

Malis claims that the United States of America and Russia are run and operated by the same conglomerate that has been taking advantage of their cold war in the past into befooling people that they are still enemies which they are most definitely not. Malis is a firm believer that the Illuminati is determined to carve out Greater Israel out of the Islamic countries that neighbor Israel and the Syrian Civil War and the attack on Iraq in the year 2003 are a part of it.

Malis also claims that the likes of internet sensation – Sheikh Imran Hosein are Illuminati agents who have been recruited in order to turn innocent Muslim youngsters into terrorists which will create a high alert situation and a notion among the Non-Muslims of the world that all Muslims are terrorists and they must be eradicated from the earth.

When Malis is not in the court or busy preparing for the cases or unveiling conspiracies, she is busy betting/gambling online (Judi Online)

Handmade furniture seller loves traveling and betting

Boonsri Victoria designs, creates and sells handmade home furniture on eBay and some other websites but most of her business comes from the eBay only.

Boonsri recently made a trip to India where she had mixed experiences. Boonsri says that the government of India has been pretending to be very much concerned about the its ever-growing population but on the other hand has been conducting every possible deed in order to grow it even further.

Boonsri claims that the government of India’s campaigns against the pollution is also a phony and in reality the government of India has been involved in activities that will only increase the pollution of the country even further. Boonsri believes that they are going to ban the diesel-run engines by the year 2020 in India and the only victor will be the richest man of India – Mukesh Ambani who will then export all his diesel to other countries while selling petrol in India at the prices that will be more expensive than in any other nation of the world. Boonsri says that about 97% of the people in India are not even aware of what a Hybrid vehicle is and 60% of the adults don’t know how far the electric vehicles have come.

Boonsri says that Ola and Uber cabs have really solved the problem of India’s lack of taxi cab services. One of Boonsri’s friends went to India back in the year 2011 once and the thing that she hated the most was the taxi drivers throwing tantrums, over-charging and befooling the passengers. Boonsri says that it is not the case anymore but yes, you have to be careful while dealing with almost everyone else in India.

Boonsri spent most of the time in her hotel room while betting on her favorite gambling website – sbo888 and that’s what kept her from going misanthrope there.

Pregnancy exercise teacher wishes there were less Indians and more websites dedicated to Meteor QQ

Michiko Takahashi owns and runs one of the most popular pregnancy exercise classes school in the city of Osaka in Japan.

Michiko recently made a trip to the nation called India where she observed things she never did before. Michiko says that the metros of India, especially Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai are a different breed of small sized planets attached to a bigger planet called India.

Michiko claims that all the Indian gurus are fake and phony, be it Sadhguru, Nithyananda, OSHO or anyone else. She used to believe that OSHO was a true enlightened being until she came to know that he was a sex maniac who used to experiment several different good and bad things all the time. The greatest of the things that Michiko off was that the OSHO believed that Krishna was a real being whereas anybody who has studied the Jewish and Hindu religion/mythology thoroughly will tell you that Krishna never existed, it is an over-exaggerated imaginary version of the Jewish messiah or prophet – Moses created by the Kashmiri Pandits who are in reality the lost tribes of Israel.

Michiko says that one of the proofs that the Kashmiri Pandits (Priestly People) of India are the lost tribes of Israel is that they eat lamb meat whereas no other tribe or people of India eat the lamb meat. Michiko says that forget about eating lambs, the vegetarian people of India feel disgusted just even by the thought that such a thing as lamb meat exists.

Michiko asks that why did Mahatma Gandhi broke his fast when he told everyone that he will kill himself by fasting if a separate nation called Pakistan is carved out of Bharat (India)? Michiko says that it is clear that Gandhi was a fraudster who became Mahatma from Mohandas Karamchand on the gullibility of the common people of India.

Michiko really hated her time in India and the only thing that kept her entertaining in India was meteorqq.

She owns an Indian restaurant in Istanbul and she loves Bahis Siteleri

Merve Cihan owns a very popular Indian restaurant in a plush neighborhood of Istanbul. Merve decided to have her own Indian restaurant after she made a trip to India back in the year 2011 and fell in love with the Indian food. Merve claims that the only cuisine superior to the Indian is Italian and many of her friends differ from her opinion and rather say that Indian food is far more superior to the Italian food.

Merve decided to open an Indian food restaurant instead of an Italian restaurant because there are already too many of those in Istanbul and because of the increased footfalls in the recent times by the Indians in Turkey, she felt that opening an Indian restaurant was the right thing to do and she hasn’t regretted it since then.

Merve really believes that one must only involve in a business that they are passionate about and she is really passionate about the Indian food.

Merve went to India for spirituality but came back more materialist as she realized after visiting and meeting Indian spiritual gurus that they are far more materialist and greedy than people belonging to any other field that she ever met.

Merve claims that if you have never had any Indian food before in your life and you try it once at her restaurant, there is no way that you are not going to fall in love with it.

Merve cautions that you must never go to a Jain Indian restaurant if you are not already aware of what it truly is. There is no liquor, non-vegetarian food and sometimes many other delicacies available there as Jains are one of the most superstitious people you will ever meet.

Merve is an avid gambler and she spends at least a couple of hours each week betting on Bahis Siteleri.

David the Phuket SEO expert enjoyed a trip to Miami City with the 99 Steps Money

David Aksornpan is an individual SEO expert based out of the Phuket city in Thailand. David owns a very popular blog which he created back in the year 2009 in order to promote his expertise and he has been quite successful in the endeavor thus far.

David says that nobody who has anything to do with SEO should listen to Matt Cutts or any other so-called SEO guru. David says that if one is familiar with the BlackHatWorld and doesn’t use the tips and clues mentioned there then he/she is crazy as hell, David says that no matter whether one is into White Hat, Black Hat or some of both, their posts are always of great help.

David has always been very much against the Google Adwords. David says that Google Adwords may prove to be a goldmine for one big business and nothing but a drainer of money for another.

David suggests that one should never use Google Adwords for his/her business but rather recommend it directly or indirectly to his/her business competitors in order to drain their bank accounts and ultimately put them out of the business. David says that Google Adwords are also okay to recommend to your family members or friends and experimenting how well it goes although it very rarely goes well with Google Adwords.

David says that those who claim that it wasn’t until recently that Google didn’t count one IP address per week for Adwords Ads don’t know anything. David says that it used to be 3 days instead.

David recently enjoyed a trip to Miami with the money he won with บอลสเต็ป99

David claims that Miami city is more beautiful in real life than the videos and pictures in the winters but it is a nightmare in the summers.

South Korean fashion designer loves traveling, history and online gambling

Ainsley Ho is a South Korean fashion designer with a passion for history, traveling and gambling.

Ainsley recently traveled to India and observed several positives and negatives about the place. One of the things that Ainsley noticed good about the caste system of India is that it is the caste system of India which has kept its religion Hinduism alive till date both indirectly and directly. Ainsley says that due to the caste system in India, even after the Indians lost the wars, most of the people belonging to the non-warrior tribes and castes weren’t captivated as war prisoners.

Ainsley says that she doesn’t run an engineering business, firm or company but if she did, all her engineers would come from India only. Ainsley believes that the services of the Indian engineers is a bargain and you can’t find better, more hard-working engineers at the salary.

Ainsley claims that India would have been on par with South Korea in terms of the Gross Domestic Income per capita if they were colonized by the French instead of the Britishers because French wouldn’t have touched the religion of India like the Britishers did and hence they would have touched the hearts of the Indians in a way that they both would have been perfectly happy with each other and worked in a great harmony.

Ainsley says that it is the Jews that made Germany what it is today otherwise it Germany stands no chance against the France or the England but still to this date, the Germans are completely thankless towards the Jews and still maintain some of their antisemitic views and opinions.

Ainsley’s most favorite gambling website is 먹튀 which you may feel free to bet on if you know the South Korean language.

This Phuket SEO company owner loves to exaggerate stuff but not when it comes to Baccarat

Chimlin Celik owns a SEO company in the heart of Phuket city in Thailand which she founded back in the year 2003. Chimlin has always been highly passionate about her business which can be known from the fact that even after having 22 employees, she still writes the posts on her company’s blog herself.

Chimlin was the one to uncover a group of Vietnamese youth that included both male and female gender that were involved in stealing credit cards online and used the same to create Google Adword ads.

Chimlin was also the first one to expose the Bangladesh firms that are in the full-time business of Adwords click fraud.

Chimlin has been highly involved in the Adwords since the beginning of her career and she claims that gone are the days when the estimated percentage of fraudulent clicks used to be 33%, nowadays it is not even 3%. While I personally do not completely agree with this statement of Chimlin, I still think that there is some truth to it and maybe Chimlin is right and I am wrong as she is the one who is eligible to make such statements and I am not.

Chimlin also says that all those who believed that click fraud will put Google out of business are out of business themselves now. For this statement of her, I do not agree one bit with her as I am not ready to believe that all the businesses or individuals that were so vigilant about the Google Adwords are out of the business now although some may be, but anyways, it looks like Chimlin has a habit of exaggerating things.

There is only one thing that I think Chimlin doesn’t exaggerate about and that is her regular wins with local Baccarat (บาคาร่า)

Engineering consultant who never went to an engineering college for a day in life bought a 3008 SUV with that fast money

Rayne Lund owns a building engineering consulting office in the Vejgaard neighborhood of Aalborg city in Denmark. It has been one decade since Rayne got into this business. What will surprise you the most is that Rayne herself is not an engineer but it is her husband who is and he works as her chief advisor. Rayne’s husband used to work in a major Saudi construction company until he once came back to his home country Denmark where he met Rayne working at a coffee shop and the rest is history.

Since Rayne’s husband came back, he has been working at CASA A/S as chief engineer.

Rayne is an auto enthusiast and she recently purchased a Peugeot 3008 SUV with the money she won with Hurtige Penge.

Just last month Rayne started her own auto blog where she has been making a post everyday. Rayne says that she misses the Mitsubishi of the 1990s, those Pajeros, Monteros and Lancers. Rayne says that it is a pity that the Mitsubishi doesn’t even have a good-looking website anymore, let alone great looking cars.

Rayne says that you can never predict the driving experience in a Suzuki car. Rayne claims that the only Suzuki car that has great driving dynamics at the moment is the Swift Sport and the rest are all boring and sometimes annoying but Rayne nevertheless compliments Suzuki for serving nothing but reliable and cheap to maintain compact cars.

Rayne claims that no car is a better buy than a Honda or a Toyota that appeals to the heart along with the head. Rayne applauds Honda and Toyota for making cars that are second to none when it comes to the durability, reliability and maintenance costs. Rayne hopes that Nissan wakes up from the deep sleep that it has been having for the past 2 decades in terms of improving the quality of their cars.

Auto Accessory Manufacturer is a Car, Bike and Online Gambling Enthusiast

Evelyn Leone manufactures and exports Navigation systems and Reverse parking cameras for the cars from South Korea to all across the world.

Evelyn is a car and bike enthusiast herself and she runs a very successful and popular blog for cars and bikes where she mostly posts judgmental, controversial posts. Evelyn recently wrote about a man whom she claims she has been familiar with for over 2 years that he sold his ancestral house to buy a Rolls Royce Phantom and now he is broke. Many of the readers believed the story presented by her but the rest weren’t willing to believe a word of it.

Evelyn says that there is something about the people (both men and women) belonging to the pirate tribes that makes them marvelous rally and off-road racers. Evelyn likes to give example of the Scandinavian people in the West and those of the Mongoloid and Rajput (Hun) people of India.

Evelyn claims that the only A-series Audis that are worth buying are A6 and A8 as she believes that these both cars priced lower than most of their competition and these both are really great value for money. Evelyn says that Audi and Skoda have been doing great in the off-road category lately. Evelyn says that she has become a fan of the Skodia Kodiaq and she has been a fan of the Audi Q7 since she saw and drove one for the very first time. Evelyn used to love the first generation of Volkswagen Touareg but she really hates the second and third generation.

Evelyn says that she is proud of being a daughter of a retired army officer and it is from her father that she learnt about online gambling, especially 먹튀보증업체

Playroom owner cannot recommend Jojobet enough

Sonia Hardy has been running an indoor playroom for kids for the past 3 years now.

Sonia has a silky smooth skin and hair that is envied by many and loved by others. Sonia attributes her silky smooth skin and hair to Tunisian dates. Sonia claims that Tunisian dates are far superior to any other dates in the world.

Sonia also believes that no matter how much they praise citrus fruits, olives, nuts and chicken soup, they can never praise these enough. Sonia also believes that the little known dishes of today will be the most popular dishes of tomorrow.

Sonia says that if George Bush can become the Time person of the year 2000 then anything can happen.

Sonia believes that men are going under great discrimination for the past few decades and they are being extremely underrated lately. Sonia asks why Miss Word, Miss Universe, etc become so popular but Mr World, Mr Universe, etc don’t get any recognition until and unless they earn it through some other way.

Sonia claims that when the government of South Africa banned capital punishment back in 1995, that was the beginning of end for the South African democracy.

Sonia has studied the banking industry of the world very well and she claims that the real inspiration for the Mahindra Bank of India was the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.

Sonia is an apatheist herself but she has made pilgrimage to almost each and every Christian holy site that I know of. Sonia believes that if there is a god, he is with the gamblers and that’s why he always makes the gamblers win bets upon bets. Sonia has won thousands of dollars within a matter of months with Jojobet and she can’t recommend it enough to the others.

Independent Insurance Company owner believes that online gambling is a gift from the god

Taylor Branson is the proud owner of a totally independent insurance agency. Taylor and his company have been committed to growth, learning and innovation since the very beginning.

Taylor has a blog on his insurance company’s website where he keeps writing advice for the insurance buyers and sellers regularly. Taylor advises to the home insurance buyers that they should all thoroughly check which they are buying for your home and should never fail to read the reviews for the insurance company that they are buying their insurance from.

Taylor’s own company has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Taylor’s company has nothing but positive reviews on Google Maps, Yellow Pages and other similar places.

Taylor’s company provides auto, home, business/commercial and life insurances.

Taylor brags that he has more knowledge and experience than the insurance companies being run for generations.

Taylor believes in a combination of professionalism and personal care and attention. For example, Taylor has a team of ten to attend the phone calls for his business but he still loves to listen to the phone calls regularly in order to take a feedback in order to keep improving his company.

Taylor brags that he or his company never ever made any donation to any charity as they believe that innovation and improvement in their business is the greatest charity that they can provide and they are fundamentally against the concept of charity as they believe it makes the people handicap in the long run and also provides them enough energy without any hard work which ultimately increases the lustful desires in them which then leads to having excessive sex and that means unwanted babies and more poverty and misery.

Taylor is of the opinion that hard working and needy people always get lucky with the gambling and when he needed the money desperately, cockfight gambling (sabung ayam) really helped him a lot to get through the hard times as he kept winning bets there all the time with god’s grace.

Parcel company owner loves to explore different cultures and betting on credit

Jessica Parhar started her career as Associate Partner at Etsy but today she owns and operates a popular parcel company of her own.

Jessica is not a Muslim but she has studied the religion very well and is highly appreciative of Prophet Muhammad’s attempt to show a new and feasible way to achieve humanity everywhere.

Jessica says that any female actress who claims that she is a devout Muslim is a pretender as acting and Islam do not go together. Jessica says that the actresses belonging to Muslim families used to be honest enough about themselves being atheists before Islamic terrorism rose so much, especially before the advent of Taliban.

Jessica claims that the current government of Pakistan is an agent of the Anti-Islamic powers that are out to destroy the Islam and Muslims. Jessica recently went to Pakistan for business and to explore the Indian subcontinent a bit more and she was surprised to see that most of the Mosques that she visited last time were shut down by the government due to the wrong accusations of being run by the terrorist Muftis and Molvis. Jessica claims that they have banned over 60% of the Molvis and Muftis there in Pakistan that according to Jessica were all honest and had nothing to do with violence and terrorism. Jessica says that the Pakistani media which is notorious for making blunt statements is completely silent on this and most of the population in Pakistan is not even aware of what is going on in there country which came into existence as a form of Islamic Republic and to rescue the Islam and the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

Jessica is not a Muslim herself and hence she is free to gamble online on credit (pulsa judi) which she really rejoices in.

She struggled very much to make it to the top but still is too weak to resist QQ288

Asma started her career as a translator but she proved it that nothing is possible for a strong woman in today’s time when she recently bought a company that has been involved in manufacturing and selling perfumes for cars for over past 2 decades.

Asma decided to buy an automobile related company because she has always been an automobile freak and she also believes that operating and owning an iron or steel related business has always brought bad luck for Asma and her family. Asma claims that in the bible as well, there are many hints created to tell us that we should stay away from the businesses that involve dealing with iron and steel. Asma claims that the belief is rumored to be of Indian origin which is completely false as it is quite evident that the Hindu saints started spreading this message after learning the same from the bible themselves and since then the Hindus themselves have been refraining from dealing with iron or steel but most of the people belonging to the other religions have forgotten this belief. Asma says that the beliefs which the Israelites themselves aren’t even aware of whether they ever existed in their culture, their Holy Land or religion are being followed blindly in India disguised as their own and Hindus without even caring about the origin of the belief or superstition owing to their habit of fearing everything do it all blindly which is quite scary, funny and pitiful at the same time.

Asma says that she has only one guilty pleasure and that is not eating junk food, drinking, smoking or having illicit sex but betting on qq288 websites instead.

Lead Software Engineer says that she will stop gambling the day her pilgrimage target has been achieved

Candan Famita is a lead software engineer at a major online job portal who is always dressed in a combination of green and black clothes for the love and respect of Prophet Muhammad.

When Candan was still a teenager, she lost both her parents and to accumulate money for her studies, she would sell sanitary pads door-to-door.

Candan is a huge fan of the American motivational speaker – Denis Waitley and she says that he is highly responsible for giving her a new life when she desperately needed it like a sinking person who doesn’t know how to swim needs to breathe.

Candan used to have many guilty foods in her list but now she surprises everyone with her unbelievable discipline.

Candan claims and believes that a broken heart can give you a peace of mind in the ways you never imagined.

Although Candan claims that she is a good human being in every way she can imagine and she always tries to get rid of any evil habit or intention she detects in herself, Candan says that she can scientifically prove that the evil has always been stronger than the good on earth. Candan says that 1/2 molecule of oxygen being equal to 1 atom of oxygen is the proof that evil has always been stronger than the good on earth.

Candan says that it is one of her dreams to make pilgrimage to each and every holy Jewish, Islamic and Christian site. Candan claims that she will stop betting on Judi Online the day she completes her mission of making pilgrimage to each and every holy site.

Candan has been dating this polyglot translator who works at a multinational company for the past 8 months who has several similar interests as Candan and that’s what made Candan fall in love with him as he is not a good looking or charismatic man in the first place.

S128 can keep you from falling into depression

Perl Frink is an industrialist who owns a factory that manufactures all kinds of steel doors like fire doors, trap doors, etc.

Perl recently made a trip to India and there she observed several different things about the country (mostly negative). Perl says that the only city where she found the roads to be good enough in the nation called India was Chandigarh. Perl read a lot of positive talk about the roads of Delhi on the internet, Perl says that those who claim that Delhi has the best roads in India need to visit Chandigarh at least once.

Perl says that there is a lot of talk everywhere in India about reducing the pollution but there is no groundwork that is going on. The diesel cars are being sold like hot cakes there and there is not a single Hybrid car that is popular out there. Perl says that if the government of India is so serious about reducing the pollution then they should remove the custom duty from all the Hybrid vehicles and promote the manufacturing of Hybrid automobiles in India itself.

Perl says that India as a nation loves to exaggerate things and this should be evident from different stories that revolve around there all the time and different politicians use those for their own benefits. Perl says that one of those stories is about how Bajiprabhu Deshpande – the brigadier of Maratha army during the feud of the Marathas with the Mughals took two 15 kilogram each swords in both his hands went on a fighting spree which according to several historians is quite a baloney.

Perl’s only entertainment during his trip to India used to be betting on s128 and that’s what kept him from falling into depression due to the bad vibes he had all around himself.

Multilingual ex-carpenter is very regular to the FUN88 Indonesia scene

Ali Hassan is a carpenter who stopped carpentering in his pursuit of becoming the next Jeff Bezos. Ali also started his e-commerce journey with selling books online and although he is currently struggling, he hasn’t lost the hope. Ali also loves gambling and he is very regular to the FUN88 Indonesia scene.

One of Ali Hassan’s best friends owns several businesses and he is the one who told Ali Hassan that it is never a good idea to buy an old business when Ali wanted to borrow a loan from the friends and the bank to buy an already running old business. The wife of this great friend of Ali married him for his money but now acts too arrogantly and Ali doubts that she is having an affair with a young man she met at a party.

Ali believes in faking it until he makes it and although not a success story already, Ali likes to say that unlike most other success stories, his grandfather was a junkie, his father worked hard but died when he was only 10 and Ali was raised by a single mother.

Ali lived in India for 2 years and he says that it is amazing how there are no guerrilla wars taking place in India even though the people there live in abject poverty. Ali says that the slavery seems to be deeply ingrained in the people of India after the lived as slaves for thousands of years.

While Ali was there in India, he also learnt the Hindi language to enjoy watching Bollywood movies, especially those starring Amrish Puri. Ali believes that an actor like Late Amrish Puri has never existed in the history anywhere and there will never be an actor superior to him anywhere on earth either.

Engineer swore on Marsbahis that she will invent at least 10 different revolutionary products before she dies

Neha Jaitley is a Team Leader at a Business Intelligence Company having over 2500 employees working with it.

Neha hasn’t invented anything yet but she claims that she will invent at least 10 revolutionary and successful inventions before the day she dies. Neha has already been working on creating innovative and healthy dishes with baking soda which she claims is a fun task and can bring her billions of rupees whence she achieves success.

Neha is also a blogger and most of the posts on her blog are about India. Neha claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi eats Corn Flakes everyday as the first thing in the morning in order to maintain his celibacy.

Neha claims that the tribal women of India smoke like it is nobody’s business. Neha lived in the tribal and rural villages of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan states of India while she was in her early 20s and that’s when she claims to have learnt most of what she knows about India at the moment.

Neha likes to mention the story of a rebellious Madhya Pradesh tribal village teen that she encountered herself. Neha says that this teen remains one of her greatest inspirations till date. This teen was being forced by his family members and village people to marry her first cousin because he was so rich but she wouldn’t listen to any of them and followed her own way no matter how much beating and persecution she received for the same. Neha says that it is very hard to follow your own heart in the backward villages and families of India, Neha says that your uneducated, tribal and irrationally religious fanatic parents decide everything for you to the point of stealing all your health, freedom and almost everything else.

Neha likes to give her own example how when her parents found out that she is a regular at Marsbahis, they persecuted her so much irrespective of the fact that she comes out as a winner mostly.

Lead band singer, programmer and inventor uses only the bingo sites that accept PayPal

Cyrus Avram is the lead singer of a pop music band. Cyrus was born in a family of gardeners. Cyrus hates gardening, trees and plants and this is quite evident from the name of his band – Beetles and Snails.

Cyrus is a programmer as well and he has been trying to create a company which he claims will give PayPal a run for its money. Cyrus believes that PayPal is nothing special just that its brand value is strong.

No matter how much Cyrus criticizes PayPal, when Cyrus is out to play some Bingo, he only uses Bingo sites that accept PayPal.

Cyrus’s friends and family members call him Iceman for his incredible capabilities that very much resemble Wim Hof.

Cyrus has a thing for cars. Cyrus claims that Volkswagen can befool the third-world countries like India with their over-exaggerated German engineering myth but not the Americans. Cyrus says that no matter how much the sales of Volkswagen has grew in the Europe but you can’t deny the fact that Volkswagen has been seeing a constant downward slope in the United States of America for the past 2 decades and it is most likely to fall even more each year.

Cyrus also believes that it is only brand Acura by Honda that creates premium cars that offer value for money.

Cyrus claims that light, crisp and short-throw gearboxes are the future, not the unreliable and boring Automatic Transmissions. Cyrus has been campaigning all over the internet requesting buyers to boycott the Automatic Transmission Vehicles which Cyrus claims requires a lot of convincing power but people have been listening to him more than ever before, he says.

Gardener and landscaper has a big mouth and she is not ashamed to admit that she is a Liga 188 addict

Sherry Evans is a gardener and landscaper who claims that there are hundreds of myths created around pumpkins and she can most definitely says that most of those are fake.

Sherry says that it is a pity that many herbs are popular for just being popular and some health magazines that had nothing else to print made those popular and the rest is history.

Sherry really believes that onion flowers are highly underrated and she loves spring seasons just for the onion flowers.

Sherry says that it is a pity that most Indians still don’t know that flowers more beautiful than the lily flowers even exist.

Sherry claims that nobody has better knowledge about the herbs to be used in the cuisine than the Italians, take for example coffee, basil, oregano and parsley.

Sherry says that it is time when pharma companies should stop making a fool of us by referring to alcohol as ethanol. Sherry believes that it is unethical and should not be allowed by the governments.

Sherry claims that dwarf kids are the result of sex between parents with small penis and shallow vagina. Sherry claims that her claim will be confirmed by the doctors sooner or later and Sherry’s name will be written down in history for being such a genius to have understood the cause of dwarfness long before the doctors, scientists or anybody else. Sherry believes that many parents already know why their kids are dwarf but they are ashamed to admit that they have tiny and weak sexual organs. Sherry says that no matter how much the modern human beings claim to be broad-minded, they are still narrow-minded and most of them don’t have the courage to admit their weaknesses.

Sherry loves her business and there is only one thing that she loves more than gardening or landscaping and that is her favorite Liga 188 agent (agen liga 188).

Indian-American health freak won an Acura NSX with Oklahoma Lottery

Neha Bilandi is an Indirect Procurement Manager at a popular Multinational Telecommunications Company. Neha is a health and lottery freak as well and she has always been extremely lucky with both. Neha recently won an Acura NSX with an Oklahoma Lottery.

Neha believes that green juices are highly overrated and so are their benefits. Neha doesn’t mean to say that green juices are of no use but she really believes that they are highly overrated and are not as that of a tonic as they are depicted to be.

Neha has been watching those one century old videos by a Youtuber named Guy Jones in the spare time for the past few weeks and one common thing that she observed in all those videos is that the people in the earlier times used to have much better and slender bodies than their modern counterparts and it applies to both men and the women.

Neha claims that the greater variety of fruits and vegetables you consume, the better looking and healthier you become, but be careful that you don’t go all vegan. Neha has observed several people destroying their health permanently just because they went all vegan.

Neha loves to read a lot and she claims that the Midnight Diaries by the first President of Democratic Russia – Boris Yeltsin was a complete American paid propaganda and Boris Yeltsin didn’t contribute a word in it. Neha has always believed that Boris Yeltsin was an Illuminati puppet and he alone couldn’t bring about the kind of revolution in his dreams like he did. Neha’s opinions are not good about the current Russian President – Vladimir Putin either and she believes that he is the same as well.

Visited Oxford city with the money won with Nakitbahis

Sheena Myers owns a factory that manufactures PVC and Column Pipes. Sheena used to work with Sony before finding his own business.

Having worked at a tech company before, Sheena Myers is eligible to claim that even the historians and linguists are looking for an opportunity to enter the tech industry.

Sheena claims that Oprah Winfrey was never raped, it was a consensual sex and she has been screaming about getting raped to earn attention, sympathy and publicity.

Sheena is an atheist daughter of the famous pastor, a pastor famous for his controversial statements. The most recent controversial statement of this pastor was that the homosexual men should be deported off to Afghanistan. Most people that heard the statement believed that the pastor makes this kind of statements for the publicity and they should all better ignore it, which they did.

Sheena claims that her younger brother who was a devout Christian was the one who came to know some hidden facts about the Space Research Centers. He started threatening different Space Research Centers that he will take 50, 000 USD per month to keep his mouth shut until he met his final day next week. He was ran over by a speeding truck when he was out to buy some groceries. The place was such that there were no CCTV cameras, it was late at night and hence no people out there to identify the truck or the truck driver either.

Sheena recently made a trip to England, where she really got fascinated by the Ashmolean Museum in the Oxford city. Sheena claims that the Ashmolean Museum can really take you back to the 17th century and one must visit it to feel what the 17th century in the Great Britain were like. The trip was totally paid off by the money she won with betting at different Nakitbahis.

Antique watch store owner had a long period of 11 years before becoming a success and co-incidentally she has been betting online for the past 11 years as well

Kiba Whitefang is a proud owner of a antique watch store. It took 11 years of sustained endeavors for Kiba to make her business a success. Kiba lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with Google Adwords but she wasn’t willing to stop until she became a success.

Kiba is an automobile enthusiast and blogger as well. Kiba claims that most major automobile companies in the future will be Chinese owned by the end of the financial year 2030 and all these companies will try their best to hide the fact that they are Chinese owned and they will do it by many tactics of which the most significant one will be where they will manufacture their automobiles in countries other than China. Kiba claims that these Chinese companies will prefer to manufacture their vehicles in the European countries like Estonia and Scandinavia.

Kiba claims that she has some secret information that the Ford is desperate to answer Hyundai-Kia with some even more futuristic, better-looking and more practical car designs than ever seen before.

Kiba herself owns a very large car collection but now she is looking for a boat collection for herself.

Kiba claims that Japanese companies definitely make more reliable vehicles but they still are not able to make their workers as happy as their American rivals. Kiba claims that she knows employees of both American and Japanese car manufacturers very well and it is the same for everyone.

Kiba claims that Honda is not even going to be in the list of top 15 car sellers in the near future if they keep using the cheapest possible material in their cars. Kiba says that this is going to happen if Honda doesn’t do anything about it by 2020.

Kiba is very fond of gambling online and she can always be seen betting on Matbet. There hasn’t been a day perhaps in the past couple of years where she slept without placing a couple of bets.

Pseudo-Nationalist’s wife bets on Superbahis to save herself from her husband’s stupid rant

Baldev Raj is a senior UX designer at an online furniture store. Baldev loves to read and being a Pseudo-Nationalist, he reads only books written in English language by Indian authors. Last week, Baldev completed reading Nuclear Deterrence in Southern Asia – China, India & Pakistan by Arpit Rajan.

Baldev believes that the space missions are a rip-off scheme by the governments. He says that they are not going to conclude anything out of these ever.

Baldev believes that nobody ever went to the Moon or the Planet Mars. Baldev claims that the close-up pictures of the Planet Mars are in reality the close-up pictures of some studio.

Baldev says that it seems like a part of a big conspiracy to him when he sees multiple satellites getting blasted in Kazakhstan at once.

Baldev questions “Why do they still call Jupiter the largest planet in the Universe when they know it very well that there are millions of undiscovered planets in the Universe and at least thousands of those must be far larger than the Jupiter?”

Baldev is very much against the Indian National Congress Party since he was a teenager. Baldev claims that the Socialist Government of India crossed all the limits of Sycophancy during Indira Gandhi’s rule. Baldev says that his grandfather still curses the day when one Chief Minister of India imported a Mercury car but his car was burnt on the orders of then Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi, just because she wanted to impress the USSR.

Baldev says that the Russians always being envious of the port of New Jersey and New York is a fact that can never be denied but it would also be quite correct to says that the USA also envies the cities of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Whenever Baldev starts his rant on the governments, his wife puts her favorite music and headsets on and starts betting on Superbahis, to save herself from his stupid rant.

VDCasino is the most favorite gambling style of top politicians – Meesha Hussain

Meesha Hussain is a videographer at a major online clothing store. Meesha recently started a small mail-order company as a side business and Meesha’s strategy to popularize her mail-order company is blogging. Meesha has been blogging really hard and making some of the most controversial posts on her blog, like she claims that India in reality is completely in the hands of the Illuminati since the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi took over. Meesha says that the nation called India has been leased to Narendra Modi until the financial year 2019 and once his time is over, the Illuminati will hand it over to one of their 2 other puppets, namely Priyanka Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor.

Meesha claims that the Illuminati didn’t let Rahul Gandhi rise up just because Rahul Gandhi is a man of integrity and he wouldn’t do any injustice to the people of his country and on the other hand, Priyanka Gandhi is not a bad person either but her husband – Businessman Robert Vadra has done a lot of corruption in the past and she also has 2 kids. The Illuminati has been threatening Priyanka Gandhi that they will put Robert Vadra in prison for life and kill her 2 kids if she doesn’t follow their instructions and if we go by what Meesha has to say, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has really been following the instructions of the Illuminati well.

Meesha claims that the Indian National Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi has been spending his time playing video games or betting on VDCasino. Meesha says that it is a pity that a powerful billionaire like Rahul Gandhi keeps on winning bets upon bets with VDCasino owing to his extraordinary knowledge of honest and reliable gambling websites but the ones that really need money don’t know about such reliable and honest websites and they mostly end up betting on fake websites which results in them only losing their precious money.

Goldenbahis freak was advised by the mechanic to buy an Acura instead of a Jaguar with the winning amount

Sasha Tully supplies all sorts of Bag Closing Machines like Thread Bag Closing Machine, LPI Bag Closing Machine, Portable Bag Sewing Closing Machines, LPI DA Bag Closing Machines and Revo DA Bag Closing Machines.

Sasha says that regular customers tend to throw more tantrums most of the times than the new ones and she says that she has more than 200 examples to prove it.

When Sasha won US $28000 with one sitting on Goldenbahis, she wanted to buy a used Jaguar with the same money but her regular mechanic asked her to buy a used Infiniti, Lexus or Acura instead which Sasha did only to regret her decision later. Sasha bought a 2014 Acura RDX for 27, 500 USD and she has already spent over 3400 USD for its repairs within less than 3 months. Sasha says that she believes that she is certain that a Jaguar had been a far more reliable vehicle, a lot more stylish and fun to drive as well. Sasha has even stopped using that mechanic and she is not willing to listen to any mechanic’s advice ever again when it comes to buying a new car in her life.

Sasha has done an extensive study and research on the history and legacy of different cars and their brands. Sasha claims that when they were bailing out the General Motors, most of the people that were against the government bailing out the General Motors were the ones that already owned one.

Sasha recently created a website for her business as well and you will be amazed to know that she didn’t even know that creating backlinks with adult websites for a regular business was a bad idea. She says that it destroyed her website and she has no idea about how she can get out of this situation.

Automobile enthusiast and blogger knows about each and every website that offers free slot machines

Tammy Gayle is an automobile enthusiast and blogger who says that if you want to buy a pretty bad but a car that is very common on the roads, buy any car of the year

Tammy claims that she has the secret information that one gentleman from the city of Trinidad and Tobago wants to get into the Automatic Transmission for cars business and he is determined to make his company the biggest and best ever. He says that it is his dream to make the AMT cars even more reliable and cheaper to maintain than the ones with Manual Transmission.

Tammy warns against buying an Audi, calling it a high-maintenance, expensive and unreliable version of the Volkswagen.

Tammy believes that Triumph should stop making motorcycles and get into manufacturing trucks as she believes that they are good for that only.

Tammy tells a tale about one male college friend of hers who wanted to take revenge on his own best friend for stealing his girlfriend and instead of bursting out on him or breaking his friendship with him, he took a chill pill and took the best revenge possible instead. He told the girlfriend-thief that this girl loves the way Range Rover looks and a Range Rover really drives her crazy. This girlfriend-thief listened to his advice and bought a Range Rover only to find that the chick hated everything about the Range Rover and the maintenance for the Range Rover was so high that he ended up selling it on a 40% loss afterwards.

Tammy loves to gamble online and she knows about each and every website that offers slot machines for free.

Copywriter at Major Automobile Online Portal believes in online gambling and stretching herself

Keith Robinson is a copywriter at a major automobile online portal.

Keith has driven different sports cars all her life and she says that Saturn Sky Redline is the safest and most durable of them all. She says that it is a pity that they stopped making such magnificent pieces of cars.

Keith claims that the German engineering is overrated and full of flaws.

Keith claims that buying a Bentley or a Rolls Royce is a complete waste of money and one should buy a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Mondeo or Nissan Altima instead and transform it into a limousine.

Keith’s dream car is a Toyota Century.

Keith says that the old people still care a lot about the weight of the tyre of their car as they used to do back in the 1950s and 1960s and the old people are more regular at buying the Run-Flat tyres than any other.

Keith says that the Lamborghini Gallardo being such a hugely demanded car is the proof that even rich people aren’t as intelligent as they are perceived to be.

According to Keith, Saab went bankrupt because of the rude bosses and many other little flaws.

Keith says that investing your money on buying a gas station is your perfect bet if you have inherited or won a lot of money in a lottery and have no knowledge about where to spend it.

Keith is complimented for great personality everywhere and she says that a great personality is something that you achieve by working hard, smart and not by pursuing it. Keith’s favorite motivational speaker of all times is Les Brown and her favorite quote by Les Brown is “Stretch Yourself”.

Keith hates religious fanatics more than the serial killers and she also blogged about it a couple of times.

Keith loves gambling online and her favorite online gambling websites are that in the Indonesian language – Judi Online.

Bolts manufacturer from Manchester loves SCR888 as much as he loves his new girlfriend

Parag Oswald is a fitness-freak bolts manufacturer from the United Kingdom. Paras is a second-generation British whose parents came to the United Kingdom before he was born owing to the lack of opportunities in India. Parag’s father used to work as a ticket manager in the United Kingdom before finding his own home appliance repair service in Manchester.

Parag is the pride of his family as his story is nothing less than that of rags to riches but nobody in his family is yet aware of his addiction to scr888 online. Parag has won more bets than he has lost but still nobody in his family is going to appreciate his addiction and Parag doesn’t think much about putting a full-stop to it.

Parag recently divorced his wife of Polish origins for a funny matter. Parag’s wife didn’t believe that there can be such a thing as Asperger’s syndrome that Parag was going through according to his Psychiatric and she didn’t believe that Parag has psychic capabilities which he claims to have.

Parag wanted to buy a car for his wife and his wife wanted a red Jaguar XF but Parag told her that his gut feeling was telling him that the red car is going to make him bankrupt but his wife wouldn’t listen. After just 6 months of buying that red car, Parag’s business went down and he was on the verge of bankruptcy. The husband and wife had a great argument after this and finally the argument resulted in a divorce.

Parag has been dating a Pakistani-Jatt woman 2 years elder to him for the past couple of months. This lady is a fitness freak and owns 3 gymnasiums in the city of London. Parag says that he is glad that his ex-wife divorced him, he believes that his progeny with this Pakistani-Jatt fitness freak is going to be nothing less than perfection.

Sports and Recreation club owner hates celebrity culture but loves Klasemen Liga 1

Jake Swede is a sports and recreation club owner who claims that he has taken an oath to expose the celebrity culture to the entire world before his death. Jake claims that he has lost a lot due to the celebrities and celebrity culture and he is going to make them all pay for it.

Jake says that if a celebrity is always in the limelight and he tells you that he never paid his PR firm or the mainstream media for it, that’s it, here is proof that he/she is a liar. Jake claims that no media provides any sort of limelight to anyone unless he/she paid for it.

Along with popular actors, singers, etc, Jake is against the celebrity authors. He requests everyone to boycott marketeers turned writers like Robert A. Glover of No More Mr Nice Guy and Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Jake says that these guys just know how to market themselves and their books and that’s how they manage to sell hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of copies of their books that serve no purpose.

Jake recently came across this popular self-proclaimed Chinese-Canadian multi-millionaire on the Youtube and Jake claims that from the very first glimpse of the guy riding around in a Bentley, he came to know that the guy is a fraud and looking at the number of views on his videos and the positive comments, he had just one thing to say “What have the human beings come to?” They can’t even identify an obvious looking fraud. Jake claims that the men and women of his generation used to be far smarter than the ones in this generation.

The only thing that I have ever seen Jake complimenting is League Standings 1 and that’s all. Jake claims to have win over 3000 USD with the same in the past 3 months as well.

LSM betting addict is making Bollywood movie sequel in Thai language

Rada Anuwat owns a small factory that manufactures plastic dustbins. Rada grew up on a farm. Rada’s grandfather owned a huge farm and he had some innovative ways to catch those rats in the fields. He used to attract/spot rats in the fields by applying insecticides on the nylon cloth. It is amazing to see how rats get attracted towards the nylon cloth.

Rada’s husband is a HR Analyst at a Marketing Agency and he is the one who told Rada about LSM betting online. You may check out LSM by clicking here – ทางเข้า lsm99

Rada started her career as a computer operator and after that she was appointed as a librarian at a school then a site administrator at a real estate development company, then she worked at a couple of more higher paying jobs and it has only been 2 years and 3 months since she has got a factory of her own.

Rada claims that when someone is stressed, the person’s body temperature risen which proves that living at cold places is great for your health if you are prone to stressful conditions.

One of Rada’s brothers spent 8 months at a Chicago prison. He says that prisoners are some of the worst people that he has ever met. He says that many prisoners have unbelievable mood swings, at one moment they are silent and calm, the other they are extremely crazy and violent.

Rada recently watched the Bollywood movie – Gunda with Thai translation/captions on, on the Youtube and she fell so much in love with the movie that she is now planning to make a sequel of the Gunda movie with her friends in Thai language. This is the first time that Rada is doing anything of this kind and she is very anxious about it. She is thinking about casting some of her family members as well in the movie.

Inspired by her best friend, Jagoda started a trucking company with the money she won with bets over a span of 4 years

Jagoda Lopes is an aeronautics engineer but her passion is aetiology. About 8 months ago, Jagoda started a trucking company with the money she won winning bets on trusted gambling websites (situs judi qq online terpercaya). Jagoda decided to enter this business as one of her best friends – Irene is already in this business.

Jagoda only buys trucks with the largest engines possible to make it quicker and more fun for the drivers whereas Irene does right the opposite, Irene buys trucks with the smallest engines to get better fuel efficiency.

Irene is a struggling model and a Youtuber as well and can be seen roaming around Leesburg, Florida in her Chevrolet Hummer five times a month. The rest of the month she drives her Honda Civic. As you may be already aware of the fact that she is one stingy person.

Irene’s one and only brother – Samuel is just right the opposite of Irene when it comes to spending money. He owns a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Jaguar and a Range Rover. He owns all these cars because he is proud of British origins which many times makes him an annoying and worthy of hate.

Samuel is an auto-blogger as well and he claims that no matter how hard Audi tries to be superior to the BMW, they will never achieve success. Samuel says that Audi should either mind their own business or focus on undermining brands like Volvo.

Irene loves Volvo trucks and cars both and when she read this post by Samuel, she was really infuriated.

Irene says that she prefers a feature-packed hot-hatch over a featureless old-school sedan or saloon any day and that’s the reason why she only prefers her Honda Civic Type R for her daily drive.

Alvia Amarfi doesn’t eat that frog as the very first thing in the morning but she reads that casino forum instead

Alvia Amarfi loves to listen to the different motivational speakers on the Youtube but she has started hating Brian Tracy since she read his infamous book ‘Eat that Frog’. Alvia says that all her life she gave the utmost importance to the so-called most important tasks but it was only online gambling and reading her favorite casino forum which she used to do in the spare time that made her the most money and fulfilled her dream of becoming a millionaire.

Alvia ia a mother of 5 kids. Her husband died after 11 years of their marriage and Alvia never married again. She sacrificed her youth and almost all good things that come with it to send her kids to the topmost schools and luckily, all her kids are now successful in their field with the most successful one being an internationally acclaimed singer, dancer and actor whom we will call ‘Ishmael’ here.

Ishmael claims that Italy produces better actors than any other nation on the planet but they get almost no credibility. Ishmael believes that the producer and director of the most popular Italian television show ever – Sandokan deliberately chose the Indian actor – Kabir Bedi to play the role of Sandokan in order to defame the Italian actors and their TV industry.

Ishmael always believes in taking a humble approach when it comes to working on new and different projects with unfamiliar actors and other co-workers.

One of Alvia’s daughters – Hagar is a historian and conspiracy theorist who claims that Adam Smith aka The Father of Economics had intimate affairs with several different women whom he promised to marry but didn’t . Hagar says that it is a totally wrong misconception that Adam Smith was a celibate. Hagar even claims that Adam Smith’s mother caught him masturbating more than ten times and Adam Smith mentioned this in a newspaper interview.

Hagar also claims that Karl Marx always wished that he were born a British Protestant-Christian instead of a German-Jew.

Once a broke classical Indian singer is now a successful entrepreneur

Chandrarupa Gupta is an American woman of Indian origin who is a 7th generation classical Indian dancer. As you may be aware of the fact that the Indian classical singer nowadays don’t have anything other than the awards and medals, same is the case with Chandrarupa’s family but not with Chandrarupa anymore. Chandrarupa recently inaugurated her own SEO agency and also created her own online ice cream store with the money she made with online casinos.

Chandrarupa is very interested in the global politics and she has perhaps always been. Chandrarupa says that the main reason behind communism’s growth was that with the rise of the Industrial age, men and women were losing their body parts with the machines, their lives were becoming hell-like due to the industrialization and the excessive work and physical stress it brought it along. Chandrarupa believes that the Communism was a very smart move which went into wrong hands with time and it was also wrongly implemented. Chandrarupa says that the Communist leaders spent more of their time fighting their imperialist rivals than on their job. Chandrarupa says that no matter how bad Communism was, it was never as bad as the Capitalist state of United States of America and its friends tell us.

Chandrarupa is currently dating a supermodel from the New York City whose grandfather used to be one of the most popular movie directors of his time. Chandrarupa’s boyfriend’s movie director grandfather recently got a knee replacement surgery and now he can walk again, you guess who it is.

About SEO, Chandrarupa says that people need to learn to use logic instead of putting all their trust in Google’s rankings. Chandrarupa says that everybody wants to see their website to show up on the top of the Google’s search results but a very few of those are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Chandrarupa says that she cannot forget the time when she got her first website done, she hired such a nuisance web designer who didn’t even know what a meta page title is and that’s when Chandrarupa decided to learn web designing and SEO herself.

Chandrarupa feels very sorry for the people who believe that they can rank their websites on the top of the search engines without spending a dime just like it used to happen until about 10-15 years ago.

Chandrarupa claims that the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website nowadays is the website speed. Chandrarupa says that nowadays poorly coded but fast websites are much easier to rank than the opposite.

Chandrarupa says that the links in SEO matter as much as they matter in the real life.

Chandrarupa says that if she didn’t feel distracted and bored all the time at the school, she could easily become a doctor.

Being from India, Chandrarupa is very much interested in the Indian history and the prehistoric times of India along with Hindu mythology. Chandrarupa claims that the Shakuni of Mahabharata was a Pathan (Pashtun) from the Kandahar region and a son of the tribal chief of Kandahar at that time and like many Pashtuns, Shakuni was a gay himself who had sexual relations with his own nephew Duryodhana.

Chandrarupa claims that they played golf in the prehistoric India as well and there are many holes that the historians and anthropologists have been thinking of as something else. Chandrarupa remembers seeing a documentary on the National Geographic where they couldn’t understand what those sticks found all over India were but Chandrarupa is certain that these were golf sticks. Chandrarupa assumes that they used to use elephants as golf carts and sometimes the ball would enter the trunk of the elephant instead of going to the hole and elephant would die on the spot.