Married 4 women and makes love all the time to them while his football betting agent makes money for himself, his wives and his kids

Hamia Coleridge has a peculiar aptitude for learning new languages. She wears medieval clothes for attention. Hamia says that she wants to become so busy and powerful that even her kids will need to take an appointment from… Read More

Conventional methods can’t make you money in this century but online casino can

Suharto Herianto tried every conventional method to make money for his family until he found out something really unconventional and real way to make millions. Suharto was born in the capital city of Lithuania which goes by the… Read More

Agota explored different villages, towns and cities of Japan and their culture with that GoldenBahis money

Agota Durston says that she met a group of physically blind people in the Kiso village of Japan that are able to perceive the visuals better than a person with perfect eyesight. Agota spent a couple of days… Read More

She loves Australian currency notes and Thai football betting websites

Nathan Dennel is an Australian who claims that along with the Australian currency notes, Australian nickel is also the best. Although Nathan says that it is because of democracy that his company is a success, he still believes… Read More

Freelance journalist started her own gambling blog inspired by another gambling blog after winning money with a slot machine

Madhumita Bajwa is a British freelance journalist of Indian origin who claims that French journalists are currently a bunch of the most honest journalists in the developed world. Madhumita says that she can bet that 50% of the… Read More

Meet Samara Vance – a Conspiracy theorist, Celebrity Culture Basher and Great Gambler

Samara Vance (name changed) claims that all the elections of the world are rigged and the decision about who is going to win the elections is made by a secret conglomeration whose heads live in Switzerland and Miami…. Read More

Indra Belawan’s story from Rags to Riches is unique in its own way

Indra Belawan loves barebones skinny women. Indra is a scrooge who is already a multi-millionaire in the South Korean currency still rides a 100cc motorbike in order to save money on fuel. It is not the fault of… Read More

Stunner found her own pressure washer manufacturing company with the 2D Dream Picture Book money

Bobine Vella has beautiful long red hair, but she likes any color on her hair but red. She keeps switching her hair color from black, blonde and brown. She is now planning to get them painted blue. Bobine… Read More

Amalia Fujiko claims Multiphasic sleeping makes her 10x creative and UFABET makes her smarter and richer

Amalia Fujiko has a stupid brother who was a teenager when he travelled to the United States for the first time in his life. To look at the breasts in real life, he lied to his parents that… Read More

India is a horrible place and a trusted online gambling website is what you need while you are there

Manvi Randhawa is a proud owner of a successful bun factory. Manvi’s parents are both Indian but she was born and raised in the United States of America. Reading books by Indian authors like Satyajit Ray, R.K. Narayan… Read More

SEO Agency owner keeps winning wherever she goes

Velta Atalar is a SEO agency owner who claims that contrary to the popular belief that Matt Cutts, the official spokesperson for Google is a search relevance expert or spam engineer is in reality a nobody who is… Read More

History and Mythology lover seems to love online gambling even more

Eric Demaris is a Youtuber from Songdo-dong, South Korea, who seems to be quite obsessed with the historical Russian characters apart from the 안전공원사이트. Eric has made more than one video on Yuri I Vladimirovich, in one of… Read More

Everyone is skeptical that this Pak Kret Urologist is rich off online football gambling

Dr Ryan Parrish is an Urologist from Pak Kret, Thailand, who says that a slightly enlarged prostate can either destroy or make your sex life better, he then adds that in most cases, it destroys the same. Dr… Read More

American author really wishes if Sergei Yulyevich Witte could enjoy online bitcoin casinos

Maurice Harting is an American author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of late Imperial Russian Prime Minister – Sergei Yulyevich Witte. In his book, Maurice writes that Vladimir Lenin knew very well… Read More

South Korean author regained his faith in god after winning millions with a safe playground

Ryan Steves is a South Korean author who recently completed writing a book on the life of late Russian politician during Alexander III and Nicholas II era – Pyotr Arkadyevich Stalypin. In his book, Ryan writes that Pyotr… Read More

Fortaleza’s Bitcoins trader owns a grave site maintenance business and is also a conspiracy theorist

Nikola Cvijovic owns a grave site maintenance business in Fortaleza, Brazil. Nikola is also a part-time bitcoins trader. Hell, Nikola is also a conspiracy theorist and that’s the thing about him that I am most interested in. Nikola… Read More

This West Jakarta auto blogger has been making so much money with soccer betting that it made him think about starting his own used car dealership chain

James Millard is an auto blogger from West Jakarta, Indonesia who believes that Suzuki should have remained limited to building motorcycles and clothes as cars are not something that they can build well. James claims that soon enough… Read More

Banjarmasin lady spends more time betting than managing her baby clothing store

Carmen Fernandez is a 36 year old lady who owns a baby clothing store in the city of Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Carmen says that she is embarrassed that she spends most of her time betting on bola online rather… Read More

Christian author from Surabaya believes that Judi Bola could have cured the huge temperament of John the Apostle and James the Great

Louis Miller is a Christian author from the city of Surabaya, Indonesia who recently completed writing a book on the life of John the Apostle. Louis writes in his book that the age gap between John the Apostle… Read More

Thai blogger loves to gamble, pray and study the auto industry

Elias Martinez is a Thai blogger whose blog is full of Catholic and Automobile related posts. Elias writes that looking at one of the 12 apostles – Saint Andrew’s name, it seems like the whole family of Saint… Read More

Family Hospital owner from Singapore believes online togel and Hindu mantras bring in good luck

Dr Rasimah Imah owns a family hospital on Orchard Road, Singapore. Dr Rasimah is really passionate about her profession and this should be evident from the fact that she is a very regular poster on her blog and… Read More

Why is it that some Korean ice cream parlour owners are more successful than the others? The answer is online gambling

Kevin Bever owns and operates a successful ice cream parlour in one of the plushest areas of the Changwon city. Kevin’s ice cream parlour offers both indoor and outdoor seating facility. They also do chicken soup in the… Read More

Zehra Inan is an auto enthusiast blogger from Surabaya who loves to bet online

Zehra Inan is a blogger and auto enthusiast from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia. Zehra’s blog is full of interesting posts related to the automobiles. Zehra’s most recent post was about the blunder called A Automobile Company… Read More

Blogger loves to travel and gamble online

Arun Suttirat is a blogger who loves to travel. Arun recently came back from his trip to India and he wrote a blog post about how the growing online shopping business in India has destroyed a billion dollar… Read More

Kashmiri Pandits are the lost ten tribes of Israel and SoccerKing88 is the best football betting website

Kabul Warga is a full-time internet marketeer and blogger who recently completed his dream of having a website like Yelp. He is now working to promote it and believes that the website will be able to generate a… Read More

St Petersburg’s cosmetic surgeon believes that the combo of cosmetic surgery and betting is essential for a happy life

Dr Natalia Drannikova is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of St Petersburg who believes that cosmetic surgery is one of the most underrated things in Russia. She says that even the rich people of Russia aren’t as… Read More

Neurosurgeon is frustrated that she can’t get enough time to bet on New Zealand online casinos anymore

If your regular GP is not able to cure or treat your migraines then it is time for you to visit a nearby neurosurgeon. Dr Sunny Bevin is a Half-Indian Half-British neurosurgeon from the city of Auckland, New… Read More

South Korean lady is a multilingual but she prefers gambling websites in Korean language only

River Tham is a South Korean lady from the city of Seoul who recently learnt Hindi and cannot stop flaunting it. She just wrote an article in Hindi about some of the Bollywood composers and singers. River writes… Read More

Quang Tat made a lot of money with Bitcoin Gambling Live Casino just like Tao Yuanming’s ancestors did while serving as the government officials

Quang Tat is a Vietnamese author from the Hanoi city who has always been obsessed with the China and Chinese culture. She recently completed her 3rd book on her observations of the China and its history and although… Read More

Neurosurgeon from Surabaya believes in Synoptic Gospels and PokerQQ

Dr Selen Erdal is a neurosurgeon from Surabaya who recently wrote on her blog that the cervical myelopathy seems to be higher among old people that do not regularly eat nuts, fruits and chicken. Dr Selen’s blog is… Read More