Married 4 women and makes love all the time to them while his football betting agent makes money for himself, his wives and his kids

Hamia Coleridge has a peculiar aptitude for learning new languages. She wears medieval clothes for attention. Hamia says that she wants to become so busy and powerful that even her kids will need to take an appointment from her to meet her.

Hamia claims that most arbitrators all over the world in every field are corrupt.

Hamia’s brother converted to Islam and moved to Malaysia. He is now married to 4 women. His youngest wife is the prettiest one and he calls her Archangel. Hamia’s brother needn’t bother about his financial condition or needs at all as he has got a trusted agen taruhan bola to take care of that.

Hamia recently enjoyed a trip to the Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. Hamia was there in this region for over 40 days and there she had a quick chat with several Israelites and Palestinians. There she got to learn about several Israelites and Palestinians that were secretly and mysteriously getting disappeared. Hamia believes that ISIS and Hamas together are behind it.

One of Hamia’s brother – Jonathan worked for a cricket organization and he accuses most cricket team captains of being the captains of matching fixing instead. Jonathan says that 92% of cricket matches are fixed.

Hamia’s great-grandmother was the sister of the founder of the first car magazine ever – Autocar. The family later moved to the US from the Great Britain.

Hamia’s husband – Harrison has been working on building a computerized aquarium which he claims will not need any sort of human labor at all and will completely be operated by the computer.

Harrison only buys and uses red colored mobile phones due to a superstition and a belief that the color red gives him creative energy. Harrison drives a 1981 Trabanto to show his likeness, fondness and respect for the Communism.

Conventional methods can’t make you money in this century but online casino can

Suharto Herianto tried every conventional method to make money for his family until he found out something really unconventional and real way to make millions. Suharto was born in the capital city of Lithuania which goes by the name Vilnius. Suharto’s family still clings up to outdated family and social customs and traditions which Suharto hates with all his heart.

Suharto lost a 25 year young brother last year to a road accident. The grief caused to Suharto’s mother was strong enough for her to have a cardiac arrest. The anxiety and grief literally made her sweat blood. She also suffered with explosive diarrhea.

It has been over a year now and while definitely the rest of Suharto’s family is still in some grief, Suharto is enjoying his life more than ever. Suharto used to be dirt poor until the late 2017 and today he is a multi-millionaire. He owns a boat, couple of luxury cars and a couple of successful small businesses. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Suharto struggled for years before really making it. The unconventional method I talked about is unconventional in the word’s truest sense, he plays free casino slot games (nemokami kazino automatu zaidimai) full time and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with it.

Suharto will die for his family members within a heartbeat, especially his mother but you have to keep your feet in his shoes to see how his life has changed and how is it affecting him positively. It is not that Suharto doesn’t feel grief about losing his young, handsome and strong brother, but the joy that wealth has been giving him is making the loss of his brother look like a chachki to Suharto.

Agota explored different villages, towns and cities of Japan and their culture with that GoldenBahis money

Agota Durston says that she met a group of physically blind people in the Kiso village of Japan that are able to perceive the visuals better than a person with perfect eyesight. Agota spent a couple of days with those guys and she was amazed to see how well these guys could perceive the visuals miles away that a person with a very sharp eyesight couldn’t even imagine about seeing.

Agota stayed in the Shirakawa-Mura village for 2 days and left that place after that just because a weird old man in that village told her that retaining gas in your stomach makes you muscular. Agota started having nausea after that and decided to leave that village as soon as possible as it was reminding her of that moment with that old man all the time. He even told Agota that he has made all the dogs learn this art of retaining gas successfully and that’s the reason why the dogs of Shirakawa-mura village are stronger than dogs in any other village, town or city in Japan or Asia.

Agota has done a long research on the recent mobile phone blasts and she has come to the conclusion that charging mobile phones with wireless chargers result in mobile phone blasts.

Agota is very against the alimony culture in Europe, Canada, Australia and USA. Agota’s one and only brother committed suicide because he feared paying alimony to his wife after the divorce. One of Agota’s very long article against the current alimony system in the USA was published in a popular Colorado Magazine and she received a lot of compliments from the Ben Shapiro fans for the same.

Agota kept it a secret from me that she bets on Goldenbahis all the time and that’s what has made her so wealthy in such a short span of time.

She loves Australian currency notes and Thai football betting websites

Nathan Dennel is an Australian who claims that along with the Australian currency notes, Australian nickel is also the best.

Although Nathan says that it is because of democracy that his company is a success, he still believes that democracy is the worst form of government. Nathan says that women Prime Ministers, Presidents and Emperors have always proven themselves to be better than their male counterparts. Nathan predicts that most elections around the world will result in hung assemblies in the near future and he likes to give example of what is going on in the Indian subcontinent currently to prove his point.

There was a time when Nathan used to be extremely obsessed with Russia, its history, natural resources, military power and legacy. Nathan claims that Russia has to be the biggest producer of iron ore but the current government of Russia is more concerned about creating conspiracy theories than finding and discovering natural resources that it has and nurturing other talents and skills that the nationals of Russia possess.

Nathan lived in Germany for a long while and he claims that the potash fertilizers produced in Germany are far superior to the potash fertilizers produced anywhere else in the world. Nathan also lived in the USA for quite a long time and he claims that the nitrogenous and superphosphate fertilizers produced in the USA are unparalleled in quality and that’s why they are exported all across the globe and are always in such huge demand.

Nathan was involved in glass trade for quite a long time and he claims that the India’s Firozabad glass industry is marvelous and second to none in terms of quality and cost reduction.

Nathan recently bought a bungalow by the beach in Tasmania with the money that he won with บอลออนไลน์ using the tips and tricks he learnt from different gambling related blogs.

Freelance journalist started her own gambling blog inspired by another gambling blog after winning money with a slot machine

Madhumita Bajwa is a British freelance journalist of Indian origin who claims that French journalists are currently a bunch of the most honest journalists in the developed world. Madhumita says that she can bet that 50% of the news published on any French newspaper can be completely relied upon in contrast to the rest of the world where the percentage of reliable and trustworthy news is only 10%.

Madhumita claims that the China News Service of Beijing and Middle East Agency of Cairo want to make an alliance but the United States of America won’t let them do the same.

Madhumita claims that the newspapers and TV news channels of Bangladesh are completely owned and controlled by the Indian media tycoons.

Madhumita claims that the New Statesman newspaper of England is still completely controlled by the Queen of England. She likes to call the New Statesman newspaper as ‘By the statesmen, for the statesmen and only in favor of the statesmen’.

Madhumita says that being of the Indian origin, she knows for sure that the Times of India aka TOI has been a British propaganda newspaper ever since the day it was found. Madhumita says that on the first day that TOI was distributed, most Indians didn’t even know what a newspaper is. Madhumita doubts that whether India is still controlled by the Monarch of England.

Madhumita is fluent in the Russian language and she claims that the Pravda Moscow had many honest journalists working with it but they all were either killed or expelled.

Madhumita says the Indonesian News agency – Antara has always been the puppet of the west and they have been acting lately like they are controlled by some Islamic terrorist group which makes her suspect that the west is behind the Islamic terrorist groups.

Madhumita is an online slot freak and just last week she launched her own gambling blog inspired by one of the most popular gambling blogs.

Meet Samara Vance – a Conspiracy theorist, Celebrity Culture Basher and Great Gambler

Samara Vance (name changed) claims that all the elections of the world are rigged and the decision about who is going to win the elections is made by a secret conglomeration whose heads live in Switzerland and Miami.

She says that she knows a son of a North Korean officer who keeps sending her the inside news through Facebook and Rocketchat. She says that she has honey trapped him with her sexy live chat and he will do whatever she asks him to do.

Samara also claims that the conviction of the popular English publicist – Max Clifford is a conspiracy to shut the mouth of anyone who ever dares to speak against the media and how they promote the celebrity culture. If you type ‘celebrity culture’ on the Youtube, you will find that Max Clifford’s videos in which he is giving talks in the Oxford University come on the top and that’s the reason why he is behind those bars. Samara says that all the celebrity news in the media is paid news and the celebrities whose vacations, pet deaths, death threats, new underwear, everything that the media popularizes pay the media monthly fee to do so. These media guys have monthly packages for these news.

When Samara is not busy discovering or researching new conspiracies, she is busy placing bets online, her favorite gambling website is linkfun88.

Samara denies the claim that Israel is the promised land, she has found a conspiracy there as well, according to Samara, the real promised land is Egypt and the Egyptians were the first Jews.

Indra Belawan’s story from Rags to Riches is unique in its own way

Indra Belawan loves barebones skinny women. Indra is a scrooge who is already a multi-millionaire in the South Korean currency still rides a 100cc motorbike in order to save money on fuel. It is not the fault of Indra Belawan in my personal opinion, he grew up and lived around such people all his life before finding a secret of financial success. Do you want to know what that secret is? It is called Totosite in the English language and in the Korean – 토토사이트.

Indra Belawan’s father whom we will call Sukarno Irawan here is a former professor of philosophy at Seoul Institute for the Arts. Underestimating the effects of alcohol, Sukarno Irawan started drinking whiskey without any self-restraint until he had a heart attack. One heart attack was enough to stop him from his bad addiction to alcoholism.

Indra Belawan’s grandfather who is no more now was bitterly hurt when he learnt about his son having a heart attack. Indra Belawan’s grandfather was never a volatile father but he lost it after he learnt about his son’s alcohol addiction.

Sukarno Irawan tried to kill himself after he learnt that his father has become familiar with his alcohol addiction.

Indra Belawan isn’t a huge fan of alcoholic drinks or any such thing but he loves them girls. He loves to travel in that Vietnamese Bikini Airline and he also loves to visit that Vietnamese Bikini Coffee Shop too.

Indra Belawan has been trying to recondition his body and mind for the past 2 years in almost all aspects including financially, spiritually, physically, mentally.

Stunner found her own pressure washer manufacturing company with the 2D Dream Picture Book money

Bobine Vella has beautiful long red hair, but she likes any color on her hair but red. She keeps switching her hair color from black, blonde and brown. She is now planning to get them painted blue.

Bobine has a nice, curvy and toned body and she hates it, she wanted to be  a supermodel but she doesn’t has the height or that ultra-thin body to become one.

Bobine was one of the key staff members in the company that she worked for before finding her own company that is involved in manufacturing floor scrubber driers and pressure washers with the money she won with buku mimpi 2d bergambar.

Bobine recently enjoyed a trip to India after she was told by her friends and family that materialism is just a start of the good life and spiritualism is the real deal. Bobine traveled almost all of North, South, West and East India and lived in a very popular ashram for three months only to come to the conclusion that all the Indian yogis and saints are money-monger frauds.

Bobine claims that there will be 15 star hotels in the near future and when asked “How near is that future?” She said by 2045.

Bobine doesn’t believe in any religion neither is she a cult follower, but her own personal belief is that sun is the real god and she worships sun everyday in a method that nobody knows yet. She goes to the rooftop of her villa and there she worships sun.

Amalia Fujiko claims Multiphasic sleeping makes her 10x creative and UFABET makes her smarter and richer

Amalia Fujiko has a stupid brother who was a teenager when he travelled to the United States for the first time in his life. To look at the breasts in real life, he lied to his parents that Blind Creek Beach is the best beach in all of America and didn’t tell them that it is a nude beach. His parents got to know what he was up to when they arrived there and saw topless women everywhere.

Amalia doesn’t sleep all at once, she divides her sleep into several different nap sessions and claims that it saves her time and makes her 10x creative. She also claims that is saves her from sexual dreams which makes her depressive as she is in a committed relationship and the dreams she dreams are never with the man she is in a relationship with.

Amalia sells eBay and Amazon gift cards at exaggerated prices online as a hobby and it is needless to say that she loves it. Amalia is a great advocate of legalization of gambling around the world and she is greatly inspired by the UFABET.

Amalia loves to eat bacon and she plays fortnite whenever she is bored or depressed. She loves to seduce and chat with random guys on the Facebook during the spare time and then she blocks them.

Amalia loves the Burger King. She says that Burger King is superior to the McDonalds in every way. She says that the reason why McDonalds is more successful and more prevalent all over the world is ‘people have a bitter taste’.

Amalia is very welcoming and pleasing to everyone and everything, no matter what age group, gender, sexual orientation or race they belong to.

India is a horrible place and a trusted online gambling website is what you need while you are there

Manvi Randhawa is a proud owner of a successful bun factory. Manvi’s parents are both Indian but she was born and raised in the United States of America.

Reading books by Indian authors like Satyajit Ray, R.K. Narayan and Mani Shanker Aiyer got Manvi interested in exploring the Indian culture which she really did only to hate it later.

Manvi wonders since when have the scientists started caring about the birds, fishes and insects after listening to the lecture of a prominent chemist in India who advocated against the usage of insecticides throughout his lecture.

Manvi says that Indians hate it when someone uses the term ‘chemical product’ for the coal. Manvi says that Hindus take coal as something auspicious and they use the same specifically for several of their significant rituals including in marriage and death.

Manvi complains that the regulations for vehicles, especially cars and trucks in India are extremely complicated and she knows about several commercial vehicle users that either have to bribe their way or suffer.

Manvi came across this local electronic store owner while she was in New Delhi whose wife committed suicide just because her sister-in-law used to taunt her all the time for not being able to give birth to a baby boy. This electronic store owner’s wife had already popped out 9 baby girls but just because she couldn’t give birth to a boy, they wouldn’t let her live peacefully.

Manvi says that Indian Right-Wing organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dal, etc are exploiting the stupid and poor youth of India just like the Right-Wing organizations have always done, but just because the percentage of stupid and poor people is far greater in India than anywhere else, they have been able to do it much easily there.

Manvi’s only friend while she was there in India used to be her most favorite Situs Judi Online Terpercaya. She also won a couple of thousand dollars each month with the same.

SEO Agency owner keeps winning wherever she goes

Velta Atalar is a SEO agency owner who claims that contrary to the popular belief that Matt Cutts, the official spokesperson for Google is a search relevance expert or spam engineer is in reality a nobody who is good at communication. Velta claims that Matt Cutts along with Google as been making fool of the people by reading the scripts that Google Inc provides him to read. Velta says that if you do right the opposite of what Matt Cutts tells you to, you will end up ranking your website to the top.

Velta’s sister – Velma is a scientist who has been working on building a device that will be able to pass the best possible genetics to the progeny.

Velta recently participated in a debate where the topic was ‘India vs China’. Velta spoke in the favor of China, Velta spoke that India stands nowhere near China in terms of technology or engineering. She gave references to the Indian automobile companies including India’s Mahindra, Tata, Bajaj and Premier which don’t even have their own engines, their bodyframes and designs are either borrowed from other foreign manufacturers or designed by them. Velta also spoke about the Indian automobile company – Premier which currently only has one model – Rio which is Daihatsu’s Terios in disguise. Velta gave all her explanations as to why India’s auto industry is no match to that of the Republic of China and why it will never be on par with the auto industry of China. Velta gave great explanations as to why the Chinese are producing great international electronic gadgets companies like Lenova, Xiaomi, OnePlus whereas the Indians themselves don’t even know the names of their local brands like Micromax, iBall, HCL, Toshiba. Velta said that most top Indian electronic gadget brands are either about to become defunct or unfamiliar to the local people.

To your surprise, Velta won the debate and came out of the debate hall with great pride. Velta says that she is a born winner and she keeps winning bets online all the time as well, she recently discovered this wonderful and trusted gambling website and hopes to add a few million to her fortune with its help, by clicking here you can make an entrance (ทางเข้า) there as well.

History and Mythology lover seems to love online gambling even more

Eric Demaris is a Youtuber from Songdo-dong, South Korea, who seems to be quite obsessed with the historical Russian characters apart from the

Eric has made more than one video on Yuri I Vladimirovich, in one of which he wrote that it is a pity that many of the buildings that Yuri established do not exist anymore. In another, he claimed that the stories about Yuri I Vladimirovich’s illicit affair with his mother-in-law are totally false and baseless.

Eric really believes that Vseslav of Polotsk was a genuine black magician although he also admits that some of his sorcery stories have been exaggerated.

I personally know only one story of Vseslav of Polotsk’s magic which my grandma narrated to me once. She told me that Vseslav of Polotsk rightly predicted at the time when his son Gleb Vseslavich was born that he will rule Minsk for 18 years, which proved to be exact, this made the black magic believers around the world, especially in the Eastern Europe believe greatly in the magical prowess of Vseslav of Polotsk.

In one of his videos, Eric made a claim that the city of Kish in the ancient Mesopotamia and the city of Kishkhinda in the Hindu mythology show lots of resemblance and it shouldn’t be a surprise if the multi-religious scholars soon start claiming that they both were always one.

Eric says that it is a pity that there is not a single major female biblical figure that has shown to be as important as an Abraham, a Moses or a Noah, which shows us that even the most civilized of the societies in the pre-historic and ancient era used to be extremely patriarchal and even misogynistic.

Everyone is skeptical that this Pak Kret Urologist is rich off online football gambling

Dr Ryan Parrish is an Urologist from Pak Kret, Thailand, who says that a slightly enlarged prostate can either destroy or make your sex life better, he then adds that in most cases, it destroys the same.

Dr Ryan has mentioned it at least four times on his blog that most 60+ patients are mostly concerned about how peaceful the clinic that they visit is, and he further adds that this age group is also the most frequent to an Urologist, hence if you are a new Urologist – make sure that you have a clinic with a pin-drop-silence environment.

Dr Ryan says that most of the stuff that they teach at the medical school to a Urologist becomes pretty much useless in the practical life of an Urologist. Dr Ryan claims that most of the Urologists that he knows, learnt it all on their own.

Dr Ryan says that for both nephrology and urology related issues, visiting a multi-specialty hospital is always a better bet. You will perhaps be surprised to learn that Dr Ryan is a completely independent practitioner.

Dr Ryan has also mentioned it more than twice on his blog that both the urologists and nephrologists are equally good for taking care of your kidney stones.

Dr Ryan Parrish writes on his blog that people who travel a lot through buses are very much more likely to get Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) compared to the ones who travel a lot through trains, he then adds, just like those who bet on Thai Football (บอลไทย) websites are more likely to get richer than the ones who gamble on any other website or real life.

American author really wishes if Sergei Yulyevich Witte could enjoy online bitcoin casinos

Maurice Harting is an American author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of late Imperial Russian Prime Minister – Sergei Yulyevich Witte.

In his book, Maurice writes that Vladimir Lenin knew very well that he couldn’t take over Russia as long as Sergei Yulyevich Witte was alive and hence he was the happiest person the day he heard the news of Sergei Witte being no more.

Maurice writes that although a very wise and intelligent man, Segei was very prone to lying and it was his good luck that the polygraph tests didn’t exist back in his day and time or he would have been executed by Alexander III long ago the day of his death.

Maurice writes that one of the causes for Sergei’s brain tumor was the tension that his wife used to give him all the time. Maurice then adds that we shouldn’t be surprised that if that was the only reason.

Maurice writes that the prime reason why the ostracized Sergei from the Russian establishment was the fact that the Russian parliament learnt very well how big of a liar Sergei Witte was.

Maurice claims in his book that Sergei believed in maintaining peace as long as it was possible, he hated violence, wars, killings, etc.

Maurice has written in his book that as much as Sergei liked Nicholas II as a human being, he hated his father Alexander III that much as well if not more.

Maurice writes that although Sergei was the one to have state monopolized the alcohol in Russia during his term as the Minister of Finance, most would be surprised to learn that he was one of the very few Russians back in the time who hated drinking alcohol and also hated the problems that came with it.

Maurice claims that Sergei was very fond of gambling and Maurice really wishes Sergei were born a bit late to see the days of best bitcoin gambling sites.

South Korean author regained his faith in god after winning millions with a safe playground

Ryan Steves is a South Korean author who recently completed writing a book on the life of late Russian politician during Alexander III and Nicholas II era – Pyotr Arkadyevich Stalypin.

In his book, Ryan writes that Pyotr hated dogs and to an extent, wild cats as well.

Ryan writes that Pyotr’s greatest unhappiness in life was getting bald in his late 20s, Pyotr always wished if he could reverse that. Ryan writes that Pyotr would be the first person to get a hair transplant if it existed back in his day.

Ryan writes that Pyotr believed that the man is polygamous by nature, that’s the reason why he married twice, but on the contrary, he also believed in having a small family. Ryan claims in his book that each of the 6 children of Pyotr Arkadyevich Stalypin was unwanted.

Ryan writes that the reason why Pyotr named his only son after his grandfather – Arkady Stalypin, wasn’t that he was excessively proud of his father, but instead he wanted his only son to join the army and die in a battlefield.

Ryan writes that it is shocking that Pyotr’s vodka addiction is not mentioned in most of the writings about him. Ryan adds that perhaps his other flaws were too big to hide his vodka addiction.

Ryan writes that Pyotr was a cleanliness freak as much as he was an alcoholic.

Ryan claims that after surviving the 25th August 1906 attack on himself by the assassins from the Union of Socialists Revolutionaries Maximalists, Pyotr regained his lost faith in the god, just like Ryan regained it after winning millions of South Korean Wons with 안전놀이터.

Fortaleza’s Bitcoins trader owns a grave site maintenance business and is also a conspiracy theorist

Nikola Cvijovic owns a grave site maintenance business in Fortaleza, Brazil. Nikola is also a part-time bitcoins trader. Hell, Nikola is also a conspiracy theorist and that’s the thing about him that I am most interested in.

Nikola is highly interested in the conspiracies going around in the Indian subcontinent. Nikola writes on his blog that the Ambani brothers own and control the greatest share of Indian mainstream media is nothing but a myth. Nikola writes that it is true that the Ambani brothers own a huge share in the mainstream media of India but it is far from the truth that they also control it, Nikola claims that Disney, TimeWarner and ComCast control all of the mainstream media and they are after the news channel that are not controlled by them. Nikola writes that the case of Tarun Tejpal, 9X’s Indrani Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea and Sahara TV’s Subhrat Roy are the prime examples of this, and one should not forget that what happened to Surdarshan News’ founder Suresh Chavhanke.

Nikola claims that the Global Hunger Index is a complete phony. The prime example is the fact that the nation of India must have a rank of somewhere around 150 on it but they have been telling us that it has a rank of 103, just because the India is controlled by the nation that controls the Global Hunger Index and that nation goes by the name United States of America.

Nikola also claims that the World Economic Forum (WEF) Meeting that takes place once a year is a complete hoax and it should be renamed as New World Order Economic Forum (NWOEF) instead, because all the decisions that are taken in such meetings are taken for the benefit of the ones that run and rule the world and not in the world economy’s favor.

This West Jakarta auto blogger has been making so much money with soccer betting that it made him think about starting his own used car dealership chain

James Millard is an auto blogger from West Jakarta, Indonesia who believes that Suzuki should have remained limited to building motorcycles and clothes as cars are not something that they can build well.

James claims that soon enough a technology will come into the picture that will make it possible for the heavier cars to have even a faster speed and better fuel efficiency that their lighter counterparts. James claims that this technology will put Suzuki cars out of the business as the only reason why their cars sell so much in the third world countries is that they make lighter cars with a very thin body so that their cars can generate a better fuel efficiency. James also adds that this technology will steal at least half of the business from Honda cars.

James believes that the Suzuki and Honda motorcycles are overrated in almost every respect whereas the Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycles are extremely underrated. James claims that it is because the Yamaha and Kawasaki are not able to market themselves as good as Suzuki and Honda.

James claims that where many auto journalists, mechanics and bloggers are biased against the Volkswagen, including the infamous Scotty Kilmer of Youtube, many are biased for the Volkswagen on the other hand, especially the European and British ones, including Mat Watson of CarWow. James claims that where an average Volkswagen is not as reliable as a Honda or a Toyota, it is not as unreliable as a Hyundai or a Kia, it is something in the middle, James advises you to go for a Volkswagen if you really like a particular one.

James claims that he has been making so much money with the situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya lately that he has been thinking about creating his own used car dealership chain.

Banjarmasin lady spends more time betting than managing her baby clothing store

Carmen Fernandez is a 36 year old lady who owns a baby clothing store in the city of Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Carmen says that she is embarrassed that she spends most of her time betting on bola online rather than managing her store but then she also adds that what else she can do as online betting makes her more money than her baby clothing store.

Carmen is a blogger as well who writes that never before did expecting couples shop more than the couples that already had a baby ever before. Carmen writes that he doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad at what someone told her regarding why is it so with her store – “The reason why your store sees a greater footfall from the expecting parents is that your clothes don’t fit at all on a baby’s body.”

Carmen claims on her blog that most of the CBN success story tellers are paid actors and she even knows some of them in person. After making this claim, Carmen made a post writing that she is not scared of her life and how those CBN guys are planning to take her life away, although it has been over 10 months and nobody even touched her hair. She is well and alive.

Carmen claims that the journalists in the near future will inherit their place in the business and the profession rather than earning it.

Carmen claims that women fear less compared to the men and they are better overall in almost every other aspect. Carmen claims that the only hindrance that has been coming in the way of the women for centuries is them staying pregnant for 12 months of the year.

Christian author from Surabaya believes that Judi Bola could have cured the huge temperament of John the Apostle and James the Great

Louis Miller is a Christian author from the city of Surabaya, Indonesia who recently completed writing a book on the life of John the Apostle.

Louis writes in his book that the age gap between John the Apostle and James the Great was far greater than 3 years and it is evident from all the accounts. Louis adds that those who believe that there was only a 3 year age gap between the two brothers are clearly out of their minds.

Louis writes that John the Apostle’s healing powers were far superior to those of his brother James but inferior to other apostles, especially Thomas and Peter.

Louis writes in his book that after John met Jesus, he turned into a vegetarian but after Jesus passed away, he again along with his brother started fishing and eating fishes again, in other words, Louis writes that John and his brother James the Great started selling fishes and eating them right after the death of Jesus Christ, which means that their faith in the Jesus and his teachings was not strong enough.

Louis writes that there is a notion that John was also the most favorite of Saint Joseph among the 12 apostles of Jesus, which is a totally baseless one.

Louis writes in his book that Simon, the brother of Jesus used to have a lot of quarrels with John the Apostle and James the Great as he was also their type when it came to the temperament. Louis has an advice for all three of them but he wishes if they were all alive to listen to it and the advice is that judi bola could have cured their huge temperament.

Thai blogger loves to gamble, pray and study the auto industry

Elias Martinez is a Thai blogger whose blog is full of Catholic and Automobile related posts.

Elias writes that looking at one of the 12 apostles – Saint Andrew’s name, it seems like the whole family of Saint Andrew was open-minded and ahead of their times. Elias adds that although by profession they were petty fishermen, the whole family was very intelligent, broad-minded and wise nonetheless. Elias writes that he has always believed that the more intelligent and wise people are very ambitious unless they are shown the true way to god and Saint Andrew’s father and he himself are no exception. Elias writes that anybody who has read about Saint Andrew will tell you that Saint Andrew’s father used to be a very ambitious man.

Elias writes that if Saint Andrew were alive today, he wouldn’t mock the Vatican II day and night like the so-called old school Catholic priests and pastors have been doing for over past 3 decades.

Only Elias and god knows whether the story that Elias recently posted is true or not. Elias recently posted a story of his ultra-rich friend who wanted to buy a Bugatti but stopped after he learnt that Bugatti is owned by the Audi. Elias writes that this ultra-rich friend of his has owned Audis and Porsches before and he had nothing but horrible experience with the both.

Elias has claimed more than a couple of times on his blog that the gradual elimination of the Manual Transmission cars is a conspiracy by the Union of the Auto-Makers to extort more money from the consumers’ pockets.

Elias is very outspoken about his online gamble wins and his love and romance with

Family Hospital owner from Singapore believes online togel and Hindu mantras bring in good luck

Dr Rasimah Imah owns a family hospital on Orchard Road, Singapore. Dr Rasimah is really passionate about her profession and this should be evident from the fact that she is a very regular poster on her blog and her blog is filled with interesting posts regarding the medical field and sometimes her rendezvous with her favorite pengeluaran sgp as well.

Dr Rasimah writes on her blog that the Late Harold Arthur Hill and Maurice David Sachs are two of the most underrated radiologists of all times. Dr Rasimah writes that although Hill-Sachs lesion aka Hill-Sachs fracture is used as a treatment till day, but both the wonderful men – Late Harold Arthur Hill and Maurice David Sachs are underrated as human beings.

Dr Rasimah believes that the Cardiac Rehabilitation programs throughout the world, especially in Canada and Australia need to be revised as they haven’t proven of much help, mainly in these two countries – Australia and Canada.

Dr Rasimah recently inaugurated her own stretcher company. She invited priests from India for the inauguration although she doesn’t believe in any religion, but she really believes that the Hindu mantras bring in immense luck to any business. She invited Dalai Lama as well, but he was too busy to come.

A team of neurologists at Dr Rasimah’s hospital is working to make the Intracranial Hemorrhage and Cerebral Infarction procedure a cheaper one, as it is too expensive already.

A group of tantrics, recently came to Dr Rasimah’s hospital for the treatment of seizures and all at once.

Dr Rasimah was told by a friend of her that seizures used to be the most prevalent condition in the state of Oregon back in the 1980s and most of the patients used to be from Rajneeshpuram. This made Dr Rasimah come to the conclusion that if these tantrics cannot help themselves, how can they help you.

Why is it that some Korean ice cream parlour owners are more successful than the others? The answer is online gambling

Kevin Bever owns and operates a successful ice cream parlour in one of the plushest areas of the Changwon city.

Kevin’s ice cream parlour offers both indoor and outdoor seating facility. They also do chicken soup in the winters at Kevin’s ice cream parlour which is quite unusual according to the South Korean standards.

Kevin has been thinking about offering seasonal meals as well lately and he recently made a blog post regarding this.

Kevin has a neon sign written inside his ice cream parlour “Big Servings come at Big Prices” for the customers who complain about the size of the servings at his ice cream parlour.

The business for ice cream is sometimes so low in the winter season that the ice cream parlour owners incur losses on each and every day of the season, especially in South Korea but it is amazing how Kevin has never closed the parlour for that particular reason even after being in business for over a decade now.

Kevin has been advised by different friends of his to serve coffee in the winter seasons if he doesn’t want to close the business each winter and not incur losses but Kevin rejects their advise each time, mentioning that he is always going to maintain exclusivity in the business.

Kevin’s ice cream parlour is popular for the strawberry flavored ice creams and sundaes that they serve there.

Kevin writes on his blog that he finds it awkward when some ice cream parlours, coffee shops or restaurants play Christmas music when it is not the Christmas season.

Kevin writes on his blog that Shorbet aka Sorbet has been seeing great popularity after decades now, and constantly so.

Kevin says that the losses that he incurs in the winter seasons, he makes up with 먹튀.

Zehra Inan is an auto enthusiast blogger from Surabaya who loves to bet online

Zehra Inan is a blogger and auto enthusiast from the city of Surabaya in Indonesia. Zehra’s blog is full of interesting posts related to the automobiles.

Zehra’s most recent post was about the blunder called A Automobile Company that was formed in the year 1910 by a group of 4 businessmen. Zehra wrote that these wannabes were like cheap copies of Henry Ford and then she wrote that comparing these four with Henry Ford is a great insult to Henry Ford but she cannot help it because these four really tried to copy Sir Henry Ford.

Zehra also wrote that perhaps if she establishes an automobile company, she will be able to sell a far greater number of cars than the A Automobile Company did and if she were born in the beginning of the 20th century or the end of the 19th century and then she established an automobile company, it is for certain that her company would have been on par with the Chrysler Automobiles.

Zehra also wonders who told them that naming their car manufacturing company ‘A Automobile Company’ is a good idea. Zehra further added that naming it such has only made the company appear No.1 in the Wikipedia’s list of defunct car manufacturers.

Zehra wrote that the company’s obvious and strange name would have slipped several buyers from buying one of their cars.

Zehra has also written articles related to several defunct car manufacturers in the past but never before she assaulted any car manufacturer like she did the A Automobile Company.

Zehra is very frequent to several different betting websites from Indonesia, they call it Judi Bola Online there.

Blogger loves to travel and gamble online

Arun Suttirat is a blogger who loves to travel. Arun recently came back from his trip to India and he wrote a blog post about how the growing online shopping business in India has destroyed a billion dollar Indian retail tycoon – Kishore Biyani. This article by Arun received a phenomenal reception by people across Asia, especially India.

Arun is a huge critic of some media houses and big names in the mainstream international media, including Rupert Murdoch. Last Friday, Arun wrote that Rupert Murdoch is a big Drama King. Arun wrote that Rupert is the one who brought frauds like Mantak Chia into the limelight, a guy who is responsible for turning millions of young men and women into sex maniacs and it is funny that how he acts like a savior all the time.

We all know that there is no way that Rupert himself or Mantak Chia are going to reply to an ordinary blogger like Arun, but with posts like these, Arun proves time and again that he fears nobody.

Arun is not a Christian himself but he has a huge respect for Christian figures like Saint Augustine of Hippo. Arun recently wrote a very long blog post about his love and respect for the Saint Augustine of Hippo in which he wrote that Augustine falling for and then rejecting the astrology proves how dangerous and deceptive the astrology is. He wrote that the governments across the globe must first prove the astrology as something fake and then ultimately ban it, if they really care about their people.

Arun loves gambling online (먹튀) and he claims that no matter what happens, he is not going to put a full-stop to this “good habit” of his ever in his life.

Kashmiri Pandits are the lost ten tribes of Israel and SoccerKing88 is the best football betting website

Kabul Warga is a full-time internet marketeer and blogger who recently completed his dream of having a website like Yelp. He is now working to promote it and believes that the website will be able to generate a lot of money for him within less than a year.

Kabul has always been obsessed with online football betting (Taruhan Bola) and the lost tribes of Israel. Kabul recently completed writing a 20, 000 words long analysis on the lost tribes of Israel on one of his blogs which received a great reception by many and negative feedback from the others.

Kabul writes that the Beta Israel of Ethiopia are partly descent of the Queen of Sheba, some are from the lost tribe of Dan but the majority of those are Ethiopian who converted to Judaism when a great number of Jews lived there. These Ethiopian people helped the Israelites to an extent that the world saw the conversion of Non-Semitic people into Judaism for the very first time. Kabul claims that it is a misconception that the Khazars were the first Non-Semitic people to convert into Judaism for the first time.

Kabul claims that the Kashmiri Pandits are the real lost tribes of Israel and all those that argue against it just need to conduct a DNA test on pure Kashmiri Pandits that never married into other tribes. Kabul writes that when Baikunth Nath Sharga argued that although there are several similarities between the Jews and the Kashmiri Pandits but they are still an Indo-Aryan people, did anyone ask him “What makes you say that?” Kabul is not a racist but he then adds that most Indians are like that only, they want to prove their point not with the proofs but with their petty arrogance.

St Petersburg’s cosmetic surgeon believes that the combo of cosmetic surgery and betting is essential for a happy life

Dr Natalia Drannikova is a cosmetic surgeon from the city of St Petersburg who believes that cosmetic surgery is one of the most underrated things in Russia. She says that even the rich people of Russia aren’t as easy and positive towards cosmetic surgery as the lower-middle class of the Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Dr Natalia believes that more Russians log into each day compared to the websites and blogs of all the cosmetic surgeons located in the city of St Petersburg alone which she believes is both good and bad. Good because she also logs in there regularly herself, and bad because she thinks that the Russians need to be as adventurous about their bodies as they are about their wealth.

Dr Natalia advises on the blog of her practice that you must always try to go for a cosmetic surgeon who has already treated a family member or a friend of yours perfectly before in order to make sure that you are in good and safe hands. She claims to have come across several cases where a person with a friend or a family member having been gone through a cosmetic surgery procedure very well by a surgeon didn’t choose to go under cosmetic surgery by that surgeon but instead an unfamiliar one, which sounds ridiculous to Dr Natalia Drannikova.

Dr Natalia claims that autologous fat grafting and fat transfer is one of the safest and recommended procedures if you need it. She says that if you go for the procedure with any certified cosmetic surgeon, feel safe.

Neurosurgeon is frustrated that she can’t get enough time to bet on New Zealand online casinos anymore

If your regular GP is not able to cure or treat your migraines then it is time for you to visit a nearby neurosurgeon.

Dr Sunny Bevin is a Half-Indian Half-British neurosurgeon from the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Sunny has a very popular blog where she keeps posting interesting stuff related to the brain health, neurosurgery and everything related and sometimes unrelated as well.

On her blog, Dr Sunny claims that missing bones are 25 times more common and prevalent among the regular aspartame containing soda drinkers than their counterparts that do not drink any soda at all.

Dr Sunny claims that vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty can really be affective in treatment of Osteoporosis. She believes that the doctors that experimented with the same previous times were mostly not so much experienced and the ones with experience were not paid enough compared to the preciousness and value of their time. Dr Sunny believes that they need to recheck the application method that they used while checking vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for the treatment of Osteoporosis. She believes that if some of the best bone doctors from around the world get together and are paid tremendous amount of money and enough time as well for it, they can definitely get success in using vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty in treating the Osteoporosis.

Dr Sunny Bevin claims that she has been working on creating a chemical that when injected to a fractured bone, can reverse the damage completely. Dr Sunny says that working on this chemical, she is not able to get enough time to bet on her favorite nzd online casinos but once she achieves success, she is going to spend a few days on the White Island in New Zealand doing nothing but betting online.

South Korean lady is a multilingual but she prefers gambling websites in Korean language only

River Tham is a South Korean lady from the city of Seoul who recently learnt Hindi and cannot stop flaunting it. She just wrote an article in Hindi about some of the Bollywood composers and singers.

River writes that normally, Hindu priests of India don’t intermarry with other castes but they do if the family is wealthy. She writes that Lata Mangeshkar’s parents marrying is just one such example.

River writes that it is funny how so many of the Bollywood people have a degree in commerce and very few in arts. She writes that Daboo Malik is just one such example.

River is always after the Bollywood music composer – Daboo Malik whom she calls a ‘Dabba‘ which in Hindi means – Good for nothing.

River writes that Daboo Malik should have been kept away from creating his own music because his music sounds such a disaster to the ears. She then adds “Gee! He never created any music by his own. All he does is copy it. He is not even good for copying.”

River claims that the music that Daboo never copied, he bought it frtom the musicians who produce it originally and sell it to fake musicians like Daboo.

River writes that Daboo never tells anyone that he ever acted in a TV series because his acting was such crap that it is best that he stays silent about it anyways.

River claims that Daboo Malik’s brother – Anu Malik, who is a very prominent music composer and singer but a copier like Daboo himself, tried to pursue the Indian Idol producers to take up Daboo as a jury member in the Indian Idol but the producers rejected Anu Malik’s offer, calling Daboo Malik “A Dabba” which means good for nothing.

Anyways, no matter how many languages River learns, she likes to bet only in the Korean language websites, which you can verify here – 먹튀검증

Quang Tat made a lot of money with Bitcoin Gambling Live Casino just like Tao Yuanming’s ancestors did while serving as the government officials

Quang Tat is a Vietnamese author from the Hanoi city who has always been obsessed with the China and Chinese culture. She recently completed her 3rd book on her observations of the China and its history and although I haven’t read the book personally but according to the reviews and the excerpts that she has released about the book, here is some of what she has written in it.

In her book, Quang claims that Tao Yuanming’s grandfather and great-grandfather made a lot of money as high level government officials but they wasted all that on the prostitutes and wine. You will be surprised to know what Quang adds to it, Quang has mentioned that she has also won tons of money with XSMB lottery with the help of Quang Tat made a lot of money with Bitcoin Gambling Live Casino just like Tao Yuanming’s ancestors did while serving as the government officials, but there is no way that she is going to spend it all on Gigolos and alcohol.

Quang is fairly disappointed that there is only one memorial of Tao Yuanming in the city of Jiujiang and that is also a private hotel which proves that how ignorant the Capitalistic government of the Republic of China in disguise of being a Communist government is towards its great poets and other ancient talents that distant themselves from money.

Quang has also mentioned some India in her book saying that the theory that the Bedi tribe of India which belongs to an upper-caste Hindu kshatriya varna is actually one of the lost Di also known as Beidi tribe in the present day Republic of China has proven to be a completely false one. Quang doubts that the theory was brought into existence in order to create riots among the Indians and divide them by some foreigner who wanted to rule the nation.

Neurosurgeon from Surabaya believes in Synoptic Gospels and PokerQQ

Dr Selen Erdal is a neurosurgeon from Surabaya who recently wrote on her blog that the cervical myelopathy seems to be higher among old people that do not regularly eat nuts, fruits and chicken.

Dr Selen’s blog is not only limited to neurology, she writes personal stories and a lot of other stuff on it as well. Dr Selen’s blog posts recently have been mostly about Jesus Christ. She once wrote that it is funny how many historians believe that Jesus is nothing but a fantasy version of Joshua and some even claim that neither existed in reality. The ones who believe that Joshua really existed but Jesus of Nazareth is a fantasy claim that it is a fantasy of many who consider that Joshua was born to be a Rabbi by the god but the circumstances turned him into a warrior. When Moses couldn’t keep his promise to the god of taking the children of Israel to the Holy Land, Joshua took the charge and did the unfinished job by himself. Dr Selen says that somebody needs to tell these guys that although there are many proofs of existence of Jesus of Nazareth, there is not a single one of that of Joshua of Jericho.

Dr Selen claims that Jesus was first arrested by the Jewish leaders and then handed over to the Roman and Temple Guards. Dr Selen claims that both Synoptic and John’s Gospels are true in this regard but they fail to explain the story.

In the May of this year, Dr Selen wrote a very lengthy and explanatory post about how it took him months to compile a list of some of the most trusted pokerqq websites.