Bolts manufacturer from Manchester loves SCR888 as much as he loves his new girlfriend

Parag Oswald is a fitness-freak bolts manufacturer from the United Kingdom. Paras is a second-generation British whose parents came to the United Kingdom before he was born owing to the lack of opportunities in India. Parag’s father used to work as a ticket manager in the United Kingdom before finding his own home appliance repair service in Manchester.

Parag is the pride of his family as his story is nothing less than that of rags to riches but nobody in his family is yet aware of his addiction to scr888 online. Parag has won more bets than he has lost but still nobody in his family is going to appreciate his addiction and Parag doesn’t think much about putting a full-stop to it.

Parag recently divorced his wife of Polish origins for a funny matter. Parag’s wife didn’t believe that there can be such a thing as Asperger’s syndrome that Parag was going through according to his Psychiatric and she didn’t believe that Parag has psychic capabilities which he claims to have.

Parag wanted to buy a car for his wife and his wife wanted a red Jaguar XF but Parag told her that his gut feeling was telling him that the red car is going to make him bankrupt but his wife wouldn’t listen. After just 6 months of buying that red car, Parag’s business went down and he was on the verge of bankruptcy. The husband and wife had a great argument after this and finally the argument resulted in a divorce.

Parag has been dating a Pakistani-Jatt woman 2 years elder to him for the past couple of months. This lady is a fitness freak and owns 3 gymnasiums in the city of London. Parag says that he is glad that his ex-wife divorced him, he believes that his progeny with this Pakistani-Jatt fitness freak is going to be nothing less than perfection.

Sports and Recreation club owner hates celebrity culture but loves Klasemen Liga 1

Jake Swede is a sports and recreation club owner who claims that he has taken an oath to expose the celebrity culture to the entire world before his death. Jake claims that he has lost a lot due to the celebrities and celebrity culture and he is going to make them all pay for it.

Jake says that if a celebrity is always in the limelight and he tells you that he never paid his PR firm or the mainstream media for it, that’s it, here is proof that he/she is a liar. Jake claims that no media provides any sort of limelight to anyone unless he/she paid for it.

Along with popular actors, singers, etc, Jake is against the celebrity authors. He requests everyone to boycott marketeers turned writers like Robert A. Glover of No More Mr Nice Guy and Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Jake says that these guys just know how to market themselves and their books and that’s how they manage to sell hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of copies of their books that serve no purpose.

Jake recently came across this popular self-proclaimed Chinese-Canadian multi-millionaire on the Youtube and Jake claims that from the very first glimpse of the guy riding around in a Bentley, he came to know that the guy is a fraud and looking at the number of views on his videos and the positive comments, he had just one thing to say “What have the human beings come to?” They can’t even identify an obvious looking fraud. Jake claims that the men and women of his generation used to be far smarter than the ones in this generation.

The only thing that I have ever seen Jake complimenting is League Standings 1 and that’s all. Jake claims to have win over 3000 USD with the same in the past 3 months as well.

LSM betting addict is making Bollywood movie sequel in Thai language

Rada Anuwat owns a small factory that manufactures plastic dustbins. Rada grew up on a farm. Rada’s grandfather owned a huge farm and he had some innovative ways to catch those rats in the fields. He used to attract/spot rats in the fields by applying insecticides on the nylon cloth. It is amazing to see how rats get attracted towards the nylon cloth.

Rada’s husband is a HR Analyst at a Marketing Agency and he is the one who told Rada about LSM betting online. You may check out LSM by clicking here – ทางเข้า lsm99

Rada started her career as a computer operator and after that she was appointed as a librarian at a school then a site administrator at a real estate development company, then she worked at a couple of more higher paying jobs and it has only been 2 years and 3 months since she has got a factory of her own.

Rada claims that when someone is stressed, the person’s body temperature risen which proves that living at cold places is great for your health if you are prone to stressful conditions.

One of Rada’s brothers spent 8 months at a Chicago prison. He says that prisoners are some of the worst people that he has ever met. He says that many prisoners have unbelievable mood swings, at one moment they are silent and calm, the other they are extremely crazy and violent.

Rada recently watched the Bollywood movie – Gunda with Thai translation/captions on, on the Youtube and she fell so much in love with the movie that she is now planning to make a sequel of the Gunda movie with her friends in Thai language. This is the first time that Rada is doing anything of this kind and she is very anxious about it. She is thinking about casting some of her family members as well in the movie.

Inspired by her best friend, Jagoda started a trucking company with the money she won with bets over a span of 4 years

Jagoda Lopes is an aeronautics engineer but her passion is aetiology. About 8 months ago, Jagoda started a trucking company with the money she won winning bets on trusted gambling websites (situs judi qq online terpercaya). Jagoda decided to enter this business as one of her best friends – Irene is already in this business.

Jagoda only buys trucks with the largest engines possible to make it quicker and more fun for the drivers whereas Irene does right the opposite, Irene buys trucks with the smallest engines to get better fuel efficiency.

Irene is a struggling model and a Youtuber as well and can be seen roaming around Leesburg, Florida in her Chevrolet Hummer five times a month. The rest of the month she drives her Honda Civic. As you may be already aware of the fact that she is one stingy person.

Irene’s one and only brother – Samuel is just right the opposite of Irene when it comes to spending money. He owns a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Jaguar and a Range Rover. He owns all these cars because he is proud of British origins which many times makes him an annoying and worthy of hate.

Samuel is an auto-blogger as well and he claims that no matter how hard Audi tries to be superior to the BMW, they will never achieve success. Samuel says that Audi should either mind their own business or focus on undermining brands like Volvo.

Irene loves Volvo trucks and cars both and when she read this post by Samuel, she was really infuriated.

Irene says that she prefers a feature-packed hot-hatch over a featureless old-school sedan or saloon any day and that’s the reason why she only prefers her Honda Civic Type R for her daily drive.

Alvia Amarfi doesn’t eat that frog as the very first thing in the morning but she reads that casino forum instead

Alvia Amarfi loves to listen to the different motivational speakers on the Youtube but she has started hating Brian Tracy since she read his infamous book ‘Eat that Frog’. Alvia says that all her life she gave the utmost importance to the so-called most important tasks but it was only online gambling and reading her favorite casino forum which she used to do in the spare time that made her the most money and fulfilled her dream of becoming a millionaire.

Alvia ia a mother of 5 kids. Her husband died after 11 years of their marriage and Alvia never married again. She sacrificed her youth and almost all good things that come with it to send her kids to the topmost schools and luckily, all her kids are now successful in their field with the most successful one being an internationally acclaimed singer, dancer and actor whom we will call ‘Ishmael’ here.

Ishmael claims that Italy produces better actors than any other nation on the planet but they get almost no credibility. Ishmael believes that the producer and director of the most popular Italian television show ever – Sandokan deliberately chose the Indian actor – Kabir Bedi to play the role of Sandokan in order to defame the Italian actors and their TV industry.

Ishmael always believes in taking a humble approach when it comes to working on new and different projects with unfamiliar actors and other co-workers.

One of Alvia’s daughters – Hagar is a historian and conspiracy theorist who claims that Adam Smith aka The Father of Economics had intimate affairs with several different women whom he promised to marry but didn’t . Hagar says that it is a totally wrong misconception that Adam Smith was a celibate. Hagar even claims that Adam Smith’s mother caught him masturbating more than ten times and Adam Smith mentioned this in a newspaper interview.

Hagar also claims that Karl Marx always wished that he were born a British Protestant-Christian instead of a German-Jew.

Once a broke classical Indian singer is now a successful entrepreneur

Chandrarupa Gupta is an American woman of Indian origin who is a 7th generation classical Indian dancer. As you may be aware of the fact that the Indian classical singer nowadays don’t have anything other than the awards and medals, same is the case with Chandrarupa’s family but not with Chandrarupa anymore. Chandrarupa recently inaugurated her own SEO agency and also created her own online ice cream store with the money she made with online casinos.

Chandrarupa is very interested in the global politics and she has perhaps always been. Chandrarupa says that the main reason behind communism’s growth was that with the rise of the Industrial age, men and women were losing their body parts with the machines, their lives were becoming hell-like due to the industrialization and the excessive work and physical stress it brought it along. Chandrarupa believes that the Communism was a very smart move which went into wrong hands with time and it was also wrongly implemented. Chandrarupa says that the Communist leaders spent more of their time fighting their imperialist rivals than on their job. Chandrarupa says that no matter how bad Communism was, it was never as bad as the Capitalist state of United States of America and its friends tell us.

Chandrarupa is currently dating a supermodel from the New York City whose grandfather used to be one of the most popular movie directors of his time. Chandrarupa’s boyfriend’s movie director grandfather recently got a knee replacement surgery and now he can walk again, you guess who it is.

About SEO, Chandrarupa says that people need to learn to use logic instead of putting all their trust in Google’s rankings. Chandrarupa says that everybody wants to see their website to show up on the top of the Google’s search results but a very few of those are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Chandrarupa says that she cannot forget the time when she got her first website done, she hired such a nuisance web designer who didn’t even know what a meta page title is and that’s when Chandrarupa decided to learn web designing and SEO herself.

Chandrarupa feels very sorry for the people who believe that they can rank their websites on the top of the search engines without spending a dime just like it used to happen until about 10-15 years ago.

Chandrarupa claims that the most important factor when it comes to ranking a website nowadays is the website speed. Chandrarupa says that nowadays poorly coded but fast websites are much easier to rank than the opposite.

Chandrarupa says that the links in SEO matter as much as they matter in the real life.

Chandrarupa says that if she didn’t feel distracted and bored all the time at the school, she could easily become a doctor.

Being from India, Chandrarupa is very much interested in the Indian history and the prehistoric times of India along with Hindu mythology. Chandrarupa claims that the Shakuni of Mahabharata was a Pathan (Pashtun) from the Kandahar region and a son of the tribal chief of Kandahar at that time and like many Pashtuns, Shakuni was a gay himself who had sexual relations with his own nephew Duryodhana.

Chandrarupa claims that they played golf in the prehistoric India as well and there are many holes that the historians and anthropologists have been thinking of as something else. Chandrarupa remembers seeing a documentary on the National Geographic where they couldn’t understand what those sticks found all over India were but Chandrarupa is certain that these were golf sticks. Chandrarupa assumes that they used to use elephants as golf carts and sometimes the ball would enter the trunk of the elephant instead of going to the hole and elephant would die on the spot.